SHB are continuing to work with specialist Mounted Access Platform company Versalift UK, after the conversion of a further 15 LCV’s that we have proudly added to our fleet over the last month.


All of the brand new platforms are now certified LV (Low Voltage). This enables the operator to have protection from electrocution for voltages up to 1000v. Versalift UK are a proven manufacturer for having this certification and the high safety feature makes SHB a leading user of these innovative platform designs.


As well as creating ground-breaking ways to invent the latest access platform, Versalift UK have kitted out SHB’s new MEWPs with some of the world’s best features: Zero Tail swing, a Motorway Interlock and the added safety feature of a walk-in bucket.


All of the MEWPs created are Euro 6 compliant and possess multiple attributes that make them so special. The platform runs off a PTO (Power Take Off) which energises the platform. The vehicles are also fitted with bucket controls and 12v emergency lowering controls, all of the platforms created conform to the EN280 directive.


SHB’s brand new fleet of 3.5T Ford Transits are fitted with a working height of 13.0m: a maximum bucket capacity of 230kg, a 120Flyboom rotation and a maximum outreach of 8.5m!


Market leader Versalift UK have worked closely with SHB for well over ten years now and Regional Sales Manager Chris Wrenn is excited to see the potential:


“With our market leading support network, carrying stock of over £1.2 million in OEM parts along with the continual strong relationships with SHB staff it is certainly a partnership we are very proud of.


“We are already looking forward to the future with SHB and are motivated to see what else it has in store, whether it is developing the next platform or fitting them on many more vehicles”.


Ian Burton, SHB Hire’s MEWPs Manager is full of praise for the innovative ways Versalift have helped them keep their fleet diversified:


Versalift and SHB have a very successful partnership and we are already looking at where we can place more orders for the expansion of business”.


With safety measures more prominent than ever, SHB’s incoming fleet will be fitted with walk-in buckets. Ian believes this is an attribute that make these MEWPs all the more attractive:


“We want to make sure all of our vehicles are safer than ever, the walk-in buckets are a fantastic feature that we have added to the vans and we can’t wait to get them out and on the road”.


SHB’s work with Versalift UK is far from complete, plans are already in motion regarding the conversion of different vehicle types. News of these conversions will follow as we receive more updates!








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