This company considers management of its environmental risks equally with other critical business objectives. It is aware of the impact its business has on the environment and takes positive steps to control or eliminate any pollution risks and protect the environment.


The Company will:


Comply with all relevant environmental legislation.


Adopt an ethos of continual improvement through the review and development of existing and new processes within the business with the aim of reducing or eliminating sources of pollution and protect the environment within the control and influence of the company.


Adopt sound environmental management practices, which exceed legislative requirements, in areas where the law is inadequate.


Co-operate with authorities charged with regulatory and monitoring roles. Develop positive links with such bodies in order to demonstrate care for the environment.


Identify current environmental risks and assess their impact on the local, national and international eco-systems. Directors of the Company will consider environmental risks at each stage in the development of the business.


Keep abreast of current good practice for the industry, to ensure developing products, processes and practices are adopted which cause less harm to the environment.


Train, inform and instruct staff in the proper handling, discharge and disposal of articles and substances which have an impact on the environment.


Set and document environmental objectives related to significant aspects and impacts, legal compliance and other improvement initiatives through management and performance reviews.


Issue date: March 2019




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