A few weeks ago we took part in Bake for Heroes in a bid to raise some dough from raising dough (sorry). The team at Ashford really got behind the event banning all snack wagons in the area for a whole week in favour of stocking freshly prepared baked goods on a daily basis. Colleagues, friends and family strapped on their pinnies and whipped out the oven gloves to produce a selection of sweet and savoury cakes, pastries, sausage rolls and cheese and bacon turnovers. They even held a daily cake raffle which proved to be a major highlight for the team as the week went on.


Keen racing pigeon enthusiasts, the team even organised a race consisting of 20 birds during one of their afternoon tea breaks. Bets were taken on who the winner may be with a prize draw of £30 whilst the remaining £70 from the gambling pool was put towards the Help for Heroes pot.


Ashford’s Depot Manager who organised the event, Gary Johnson, said: “The whole ASH team took to the task of raising as much money as possible with enthusiasm and vigour!


An outstanding effort from the whole team and their family members, many thanks.  The week also increased the Body Mass Index of many of the team, next we will have a diet week!”


The following week Romsey held their own bake sale where numerous staff members brought in a selection of baked goods and delicious savoury snacks that were displayed proudly in the reception area. In return for a small donation the cakes were sold to staff and customers alike.


With a Debenhams gift voucher floating about the team at Newcastle decided to auction off the voucher in a bid to raise funds for the charity selling for a generous £36.


In the end everyone’s hardwork really paid off raising an incredible £586.89 for our charity of the year.


SHB will be taking part in numerous Help for Heroes events throughout the year so make sure to keep your ear to the ground for what we have planned next. 





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