A new chapter in commercial vehicle rental

There’s no doubt that the last few weeks have created unprecedented challenges for every industry and business. Like many organisations, restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic means we’ve all had to find new ways of working together and I want to thank you for the trust you have placed in both Enterprise and SHB.

Transport and the movement of essential goods and services will play an incredibly important role over the coming weeks and I want to assure you that we will continue doing everything we can to ensure that you are able to continue delivering the vital services that are keeping Britain moving.

In fact, situations such as this highlight the importance of our ongoing strategy to continually look for new ways of providing even greater depth and breadth in our mobility offering and to evolve world-leading technologies that help our customers increase the overall efficiency of their fleet operations.

And so, whilst recognising how much pressure everyone is currently under, I would like to take a moment to talk about an important milestone for the SHB and Enterprise Flex-E-Rent® businesses as, today, we officially come together under one banner.
You’re no doubt aware the acquisition of SHB by Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK Ltd was completed on the 2nd July 2019. In the days, weeks and months since we have taken great care, for the benefit of both businesses, their customers and their employees, to understand the potential impact of any decisions we are considering.

Our aim with the acquisition of SHB, and every day since, has been to create a combined entity that respects, and wherever possible, protects the best of both, to deliver a new business that is greater than the sum of its parts. A business that improves customer experience, capacity, fleet and technology.

Today, it is my privilege to officially welcome the employees and customers of SHB Hire to Enterprise Flex-E-Rent.

Keep well and thank you again,

Danny Glynn
Managing Director, Enterprise Flex-E-Rent

Commercial Fleet Award 2019 Winners!

SHB Hire are proud to have been awarded the 'Fleet Customer Partnership Award' at the Commercial Fleet Awards 2019 for our partnership with Heathrow Airport (HAL). 


Since the start of our relationship in 2013 we have seen the growth of this partnership through closer working, financial benefits and a stronger joined-up solution team made up of Heathrow and SHB individuals maximising our diverse skills base for the benefit of both parties.


It’s evident through a number of measurable elements that this partnership brings benefits for both parties and will continue to as we futureproof our individual operational services to cater for market and world changes and demands.


“SHB are unique in the market place because they work to understand the vehicle’s requirements and the expectation we have for the investment we will make in the vehicle. This mostly often requires engineering solutions and sometimes innovation to a level that simply frightens away other hire and leasing companies. The fact SHB owns its fleet, affords them the flexibility and commercial independence to specify, design and build vehicles for our business. Tell your prospective customers, this is why they should appoint you”. Darren Smith, Fleet Standards and Safety Manager, Heathrow Airport Limited.









Commercial Fleet Awards 2018!

SHB are honoured to have been awarded the 'Fleet Customer Partnership Award' last night! We were also highly commended for the 'Rental Company of the Year' & 'Supplier of the Year' awards.


Here are some photos of the night...



SHB - So Much More Than 4x4...




Mike Street Inducted Into Hall Of Fame!

We are incredibly proud to announce that SHB chairman, Mike Street, has been inducted into the FN50 Hall Of Fame! This is a testament to how hard Mike has worked over the past 50 years to get SHB where we are today.


Here are some pictures of Mike receiving the honour at the FN50 Awards Night...



 Congratulations, Mike! 




Winter Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important all year round, but even more so in winter! 


For any and all your winter maintenance requirements take a look at what's on offer at SHB Hire. 


SHB have an extensive Winter Maintenance fleet from dedicated dry and pre-wet gritters, de-mounts, uni-bodies, to inserts and towable solutions. We are also able to provide ploughs for trucks, 4x4s and tractors.


For a look at our Winter Maintenance Fleet - click here!



If you are interested in any of our products please contact us on - 01794 511 458, or email us at - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


RoadMender's now available!

SHB are delighted to announce we now have RoadMender Asphalt's available on short term and long term hire.


The mobile RoadMender produces a high quality finished mix and is a cost efficient high performing machine that is highly thought of throughout the industry.


Being able to make your own durable and long lasting asphalt mix to the measurements you require, directly on site and at the correct temperature are all major attributes that put the RoadMender amongst the best of it's kind!


If you are interested in this product please contact us on 01794511458 or email via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






SHB & Versalift UK Partnership Continues

SHB are continuing to work with specialist Mounted Access Platform company Versalift UK, after the conversion of a further 15 LCV’s that we have proudly added to our fleet over the last month.


All of the brand new platforms are now certified LV (Low Voltage). This enables the operator to have protection from electrocution for voltages up to 1000v. Versalift UK are a proven manufacturer for having this certification and the high safety feature makes SHB a leading user of these innovative platform designs.


As well as creating ground-breaking ways to invent the latest access platform, Versalift UK have kitted out SHB’s new MEWPs with some of the world’s best features: Zero Tail swing, a Motorway Interlock and the added safety feature of a walk-in bucket.


All of the MEWPs created are Euro 6 compliant and possess multiple attributes that make them so special. The platform runs off a PTO (Power Take Off) which energises the platform. The vehicles are also fitted with bucket controls and 12v emergency lowering controls, all of the platforms created conform to the EN280 directive.


SHB’s brand new fleet of 3.5T Ford Transits are fitted with a working height of 13.0m: a maximum bucket capacity of 230kg, a 120Flyboom rotation and a maximum outreach of 8.5m!


Market leader Versalift UK have worked closely with SHB for well over ten years now and Regional Sales Manager Chris Wrenn is excited to see the potential:


“With our market leading support network, carrying stock of over £1.2 million in OEM parts along with the continual strong relationships with SHB staff it is certainly a partnership we are very proud of.


“We are already looking forward to the future with SHB and are motivated to see what else it has in store, whether it is developing the next platform or fitting them on many more vehicles”.


Ian Burton, SHB Hire’s MEWPs Manager is full of praise for the innovative ways Versalift have helped them keep their fleet diversified:


Versalift and SHB have a very successful partnership and we are already looking at where we can place more orders for the expansion of business”.


With safety measures more prominent than ever, SHB’s incoming fleet will be fitted with walk-in buckets. Ian believes this is an attribute that make these MEWPs all the more attractive:


“We want to make sure all of our vehicles are safer than ever, the walk-in buckets are a fantastic feature that we have added to the vans and we can’t wait to get them out and on the road”.


SHB’s work with Versalift UK is far from complete, plans are already in motion regarding the conversion of different vehicle types. News of these conversions will follow as we receive more updates!

Read more ...

SHB Support Kier Highways with New Contract

Kier Highways were recently awarded a 7 year contract to manage the network of roads and highways in Shropshire with the option of a further 3 years to be added to the term. This award complements Kier’s existing presence in the region, where it’s currently delivering Highways England’s five-year asset support contract in Area 9, covering Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Herefordshire, Worcester and the West Midlands. As part of their offering which secured the contract, Kier opted to use the expertise, knowledge and existing infrastructure of SHB Hire Ltd to support them with all vehicle requirements as well as the management of local workshops to provide vehicle maintenance provisions for the life of the contract.


The contract which recently mobilised on the 1st April sees Kier and SHB work closely with Shropshire County Council to provide the contract service requirements which includes highways maintenance, highways projects, street lighting, flooding and drainage, bridge and structure maintenance and emergency response. Kier will also provide winter maintenance and extreme weather provision throughout the contract.


SHB Hire, a leading vehicle hire and management firm with over 50 years of experience have worked closely with Kier Highways for a number of years. It was their flexibility, knowledge and experience which made them the ideal partner of choice to support Kier with the fleet aspect of managing the Shropshire Highways contract. As part of the deal, SHB have supplied in excess of 70 vehicles comprising of cars, 3.5T Tippers and LCVs as well as 7.5T Tippers, many of which were fitted with additional spec requirements such as Chapter 8 and beacons.


Easter Bank Holiday weekend proved to be extremely busy as the contract was officially handed over from Eurovia to Kier. Staff underwent their initial introductory welcome and meetings before taking the keys to their vehicles, something which SHB coordinated with an on-site team to ensure the process went smoothly.


Fundraising Activities


Staff across SHB depots recently put their aprons on in aid of our charity partner of the year MIND UK A bake sale saw some fantastic cake and savoury options devoured and subsequently raise funds to support the efforts of MIND UK who provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. We have also been presented with a cheque for £2000, kindly donated by Close Brothers Group PLC to be distributed to the charities of our choice. We are pleased to announce that the money will be split between our two charity partners for 2018 MIND UK & Jane Scarth House.

Latest Batch of Apprentices Join SHB!

SHB Hire, a longstanding provider of Apprenticeship schemes across the UK has welcomed their latest batch of young Apprentices into the business.


20 new recruits recently embarked on the start of their careers within the vehicle hire industry at various SHB depots around the country. They will join an existing number of Apprentices already in place within the business, all in varying roles and at different stages of their courses.

SHB has invested a significant amount of money and time over the past decade to provide young workers the opportunity to gain industry recognised qualifications in a real operational environment. To further increase the level of care given to the Apprentices, SHB recently set up a confidential and dedicated hotline for the Trainee’s to relay any issues they are facing.


The latest influx of young recruits will be given the opportunities and training to be the future skilled workforce for the vehicle hire industry.


“By investing money and time into our apprenticeship scheme, SHB is offering a pathway to young men and women across the UK to obtain a successful and prosperous career in the vehicle hire and management industry”. – Explained Andy Viney (Group Service Manager) who oversees SHB’s Apprenticeship scheme.


“Our Apprentices are given the time and guidance by our qualified teams across our depots. Combining this with a real, fast paced and exciting environment we are able to provide the very best opportunities for success”.


Over the past 5 years SHB has seen over 30 young Apprentices successfully complete their courses to become qualified in their chosen field. This number is set to continually rise with more and more roles being created by the family owned and operated firm.

Lewis Richardson, a 1st year LCV Technician Apprentice based at SHB’s Romsey depot is aiming to follow in the footsteps of his mentor Barney Bungay who himself completed his Apprenticeship with SHB.


“My Apprenticeship has given me the confidence and direction to carve out a career in what has already proven to be a fast paced and exciting environment. Being mentored by a former Apprentice has been crucial to my early success in the role; Barney is able to understand my level of confidence and can relay to me what it takes to succeed”.  – Explained 18 year old Lewis.


Lewis and the current crop of Apprentices have now been joined by the latest 20 recruits across the country. 4 of the 20 have been enrolled onto the HGV Technician Bosch/Iveco course, a further 9 on the LCV Technician PROVQ scheme and 7 Bodyshop Technicians onto the Remit scheme. All of them will work towards a 3 year NVQ qualification which involves regular college attendance and coursework as well as practical assessments.

SHB still has a number of roles available across the country including other Apprentice positions. If you would like to hear more about a career with SHB, please visit https://omegaresource.co.uk/featured-employers/shb/


Driving in Europe – before you go


Many drivers may wish to travel to Europe by car this Summer, however there are certain legal requirements to do so, particularly when driving a leased vehicle.

Drivers travelling in mainland Europe must carry their registration document at all times. However, as drivers of leased vehicles do not own their vehicles, they do not have the V5C registration document.

In this circumstance a Vehicle on Hire certificate must be carried. All EU countries require that a foreign driver travelling in a leased or rented vehicle carries a VE103 document with them. The VE103 contains details of the vehicle taken from the V5, along with the name and address of the hirer. This is the only acceptable substitute for the V5C, and enables the authorities to verify that the person driving the vehicle has permission to do so.  Photocopies of the V5C or letters of authority are not accepted. 

SHB customers can request a Vehicle on Hire certificate by calling us on 01794 511 458. SHB also require all customers wishing to take our vehicles abroad to have 5* European Insurance cover.

Drivers caught without the correct documentation can face long delays which can be time consuming and costly. The consequences will vary according to the country, but a driver may be fined and the vehicle could be impounded. 

Please see below some essential driving in Europe tips courtesy of the RAC

Before you leave for your holiday, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that you are prepared for any eventuality – saving you time, money and stress while you’re far from home.

  • Familiarise yourself with the driving laws of the country you are visiting. This means more than just checking what side of the road to drive on – it should also include speed limits; what paperwork or documentation is required by law; alcohol limits and any other important rules and regulations

  • Check what compulsory in-car equipment is required in the country or countries you will be driving in. For example, in July 2012 it became compulsory for all cars on French roads to carry a portable breathalyser. The kits enable motorists to check if they are under the French limit of 50mg per 100ml of blood which is 30mg lower than the UK. Motorists in France are also legally obliged to carry a warning triangle and fluorescent vest.

  • Check with your insurance company that you’re fully covered to drive abroad. If you don’t have overseas cover, you will only have the minimum legal cover (usually third party only) in the EU and you may need to pay an extra premium to extend your insurance cover

  • Got a European Health Insurance card (EHIC)? This entitles you to reduced or free state healthcare if you fall ill or are injured when travelling abroad. It is no substitute for a travel insurance policy. More details available at NHS England.

  • Never assume your breakdown cover extends abroad. You may need to increase your existing cover or take out standalone European Breakdown cover to avoid unnecessary stress and significant additional expense if anything goes wrong

  • Create a travel pack containing all the appropriate documentation you will need to comply with the legal requirements of the country you are visiting and to help if you get into difficulties. In addition to your passport and driving licence this may include: vehicle registration document (V5); motor insurance certificate; International Driving Permit (if required or advised); breakdown policy and contact numbers; travel insurance documents and any emergency helpline numbers

  • Prepare your car before your trip by making sure it is serviced. There are also simple things you can do yourself to make sure your car is in good, roadworthy condition such as checking your tyre pressures and tread and topping up your oil and checking your coolant level. These simple tasks are vital to keeping your car running smoothly on the road and to stop your engine overheating

  • Don’t forget that your vehicle must display the appropriate country identification letters (e.g. GB). Failure to do so may result in an on-the-spot fine, but if your number plates include the GB Euro symbol, you do not need a sticker within the EU

  • Stock up on your in-car ‘tool kit’ – make sure you have a breakdown kit in your car including: fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, tool kit, torch, blanket, warning triangle and reflective jacket. A jack and wheel removal tools in case of a puncture could come in extremely handy when you’re on the move abroad.

Make sure you have all the essentials and some accessories. Click here to watch expert advice from RAC Patrol Andy Wistance.


RED X Message Board Signals Traffic Management Innovation from SHB and Acklea

Acklea a Division of SHB Hire Ltd will be launching its brand new ‘Red X’ Variable Message Sign (VMS) into the market at the end of April. The Red X combined with the Scorpion Crash Cushion’s ability to operate at speeds of 58mph – well within the 50mph requirement of IAN 187/15 will make the latest product from Acklea an ideal choice for Traffic Management contractors in the UK.


The Red X is a Variable Message Sign (VMS) meaning that it has the ability to display other authorised symbols, something which other alternative models on the market cannot offer. Working in close collaboration, Nissen and Acklea have created a design that will prove to be highly beneficial to the UK road network. The primary focus has been to promote and provide safety to operatives on the networks and in providing a clear instruction and distinct visibility to all road users.


Leading vehicle hire and management company, SHB Hire will be placing a RED X VMS onto 12 of its 18T Traffic Management Trucks which will be available to hire from April, six of which will be fitted with the highly sought after Scorpion Crash Cushion.


Phil Glaiser Highways Product Manager for Acklea/SHB stated “Red X light boards and IAN 187 have been around for some time now and some contractors have shown a great appetite in having IPV’s capable of deploying the various options”


“As a hire company and a vehicle producer we needed to ensure that we provided a suitable product to the Highways industry that promotes safety whilst also being cost effective. We have produced such a product along with Nissen which is dynamic. It has the ability to show a multitude of approved signs, therefore being deployable in a variety of applications. When it’s complimented with our renowned Acklea Scorpion crash cushion, our robust strong body builds and nationwide service and maintenance coverage it really is a substantial product and one which we are proud of.”


The Red X is just the latest in a long line of innovative new designs to emerge from Acklea in recent times. Following on from the hugely popular lightweight 7T Iveco Daily which has the space and weight capacity to carry out a full 2km lane closure, Acklea has also introduced numerous body design developments to ensure safety, ultimately bringing cost savings, efficiency and greater quality for the customer.


The first batch of vehicles have now left SHB’s fabrication centres based in Romsey and Gloucester and are readily available for hire. If you would like further information on these vehicles including full specification details please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The Commercial Vehicle Show 2018

SHB Hire will be attending The Commercial Vehicle show held at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham this year.


The event will run between 24th-26th April and will feature some of the most innovative and impressive vehicles across the industry.


We will be showcasing one of our Hilux's on the Truckman stand: 4G70 as well as having one of Acklea's hugely popular 7.2T Traffic Management trucks showcased on the Strong's stand.


The CV Show is the best attended, largest and the most comprehensive road transport and commercial vehicle event held in Britain, providing truck and van operators with far greater choice than can be found anywhere else in the UK. The Show attracts close to 21,000 business visitors and its central location at the NEC Birmingham, ensures a truly nationwide attendance. For operators it is the annual meeting place and for sector suppliers the ultimate showcase for your products and services.


We look forward to seeing you there!



SHB Easter Opening Hours

SHB Hire can confirm we will be closed from Friday 30th March - Monday 2nd April for the Bank Holiday Easter Weekend.


Normal services will resume as of Tuesday 3rd April.


Please note you can still obtain breakdown assistance through our 24 hour customer support line.


Happy Easter from us all at SHB Hire.







Acklea at Intertraffic 2018

This week Acklea, a division of SHB, will be attending the Intertraffic exhibition in Amsterdam.  Acklea’s General Manager Andy Dougan will be in Holland to meet existing and new clients and will be based on stand 05.134.


Since its launch in 1972, Intertraffic Amsterdam has become the platform of choice for professionals from around the world to meet.  From 20 - 23 March 2018, market leaders and experts attend this event to get up to speed on the developments in the fields of infrastructure, traffic management, safety, parking and smart mobility. World leading companies and stakeholders demonstrate their latest solutions during the four-day exhibition with a focus on personal encounters.



SHB Annual Raffle Raises Vital Funds for Charity Partner

SHB are delighted to announce we have raised in excess of £700 for Jane Scarth House. We have been supporting the Romsey based charity for just over three years and our continued fund raising efforts helps them to provide emotional and practical support to anyone whose life is affected by cancer.


The money was raised through our annual Christmas raffle with all of our 16 depots across the UK contributing to the fundraising efforts. These funds are crucial in providing Jane Scarth House a platform to be able to offer such important services.


Jane Scarth House is a local charity that connects with anybody who has been affected by cancer. This can be the person living with cancer, or a family member, close friend, carer or partner.


Jane Scarth House opened in 1995 and was founded in memory of Romsey resident and mother of two, Jane Scarth, whose family to this day remain closely involved with the work of the charity. Jane Scarth House has assisted thousands of people and their families affected by cancer.


We are very proud of our partnership that has developed within the last three years and hope we have many more successful years together. Providing support to an organisation based somewhere so close to our Head Office in Romsey means that extra bit more!


SHB will be hosting a number of other fundraisers across the year which again will help towards Jane Scarth House and our other dedicated charity, MIND. Keep an eye on everything we are up to by checking our website and all our social media channels.


A huge thanks goes to our generous suppliers who donated an array of prizes. Without them the raffle draw would not have been possible!



International Women's Day 2018

Katie Harwood - Hire Controller


Hi Katie, how long have you worked at SHB for?


I’ve been working at SHB now for over 7 years. In fact the 1st of March was my 7th anniversary. It’s certainly been a quick 7 years in a fast paced business which is definitely a good thing!

What is it like working in a male orientated industry?

There is clearly a large deficit in the number of women working in the vehicle hire industry compared to men; however I believe that this is more down to choice rather than opportunities available. It doesn’t affect me in my day to day role and I believe that there is the opportunity for me to progress at SHB just as much as there is for my male colleagues. Sometimes I find that a customer will appear to be surprised that I have a good knowledge of vehicles but I like to think of that as a positive thing!

Tell us a little about yourself?


I’m 26 years old and from Southampton which is where I live. I enjoy shopping, fashion and travelling as well as experiencing new cultures. I like to keep myself busy during my spare time so I rarely stay in… living on the South Coast certainly has its benefits especially in the summer.

What does your role at SHB entail?

I work at SHB’s Head Office in Romsey as a Hire Controller. My responsibilities include processing bookings from the very early enquiry stage through to sourcing a vehicle and allocating it onto the system. Enquiries are taken via a number of methods including telephone and email. As part of my role I also work on large national accounts which means processing hires from major customers which are often based around contractual obligations such as lead times, vehicle types and specifications.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy working closely with customers both new and existing, gaining an understanding of their requirements and often using my knowledge and experience to advise on things such as spec suitability and O license requirements. Another satisfying element of my role is having the opportunity to build strong relationships with customers and seeing an initial enquiry right through to the final process of them receiving the vehicle. My role is very fast paced particularly when it snows! But that’s certainly not a negative thing.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I’d like to progress within SHB and to continually improve upon my knowledge of vehicles and legislation. Luckily for me these two things can change rapidly making it a formality to keep up!

Would you recommend a career in the vehicle hire industry to other women?

Yes, absolutely. I would say that the opportunities are there for all to see and the environment can be very challenging but also satisfying. The vehicle hire industry is continually changing and I believe that with more women getting involved we can have a real impact and play a major role on the future of vehicle hire, safety and legislation. SHB has a large number of Women in senior roles including on the Board of Directors so for me it is certainly possible to progress and hold a role at the very highest level in the business.


Happy International Women's Day 2018

SHB believes in a fair working environment regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation and disabilities. By supporting equality across our business we believe that we are not only inviting success towards our staff and company but also across an industry which historically has been predominantly male.  As a national business that spans the length and breadth of the UK we undeniably have a responsibility towards gender equality which is why we ensure pay equity and promotion from within our business as well as implementing a number of working environment policies such as childcare vouchers, harassment & bullying, and maternity & paternity leave. SHB currently has a large number of female staff within a diverse range of roles including sales, management and through to the Board of Directors.  


International Women’s Day is an opportunity for the world to celebrate the work and success that women contribute to each economy across the globe. SHB fully supports this and looks forward to a fair and prosperous future for every woman across every industry in every country.



SHB Hire Extends Operations to 24 Hours

SHB has announced plans to extend the working hours at some of their depots across their UK network with the change being implemented immediately at the company’s Airdrie branch.  The decision was made in-line with the business’s continued growth which has seen an increase in hire bookings and subsequently turnover for the past 5 years. 2017 saw SHB complete over 115,000 vehicle movements (on hire and off hires combined). To allow SHB to keep up with this  rapid growth and to reduce our customer’s vehicle downtime in relation to maintenance it was deemed to be an obvious and necessary requirement to increase operating hours, particularly in locations such as Airdrie and Heathrow where expansion to the size of the facilities was not a viable option.


“Recognising that a number of our branches are currently at capacity and with us being unable to increase the size of these depots it was decided that we would look to increase our operating hours to help keep up with the demand”. Explained Duncan Scillitoe SHB’s National Operations Manager.


“This latest move will enable us to continue to support our customers with their every vehicle hire requirement and also outlines our flexibility and willingness to adapt”.


SHB will be rolling out the permanent extension of hours across a number of depots throughout 2018 however some of its larger depots will likely remain with their current operating hours of 8am – 6pm Monday to Friday and 8am-12noon on Saturdays.


“Demand will dictate the depots chosen to become 24 hour. We have already identified our Airdrie and Heathrow branches as two locations that operations and customers would benefit from these extended hours.


“Any depots to follow suit will be announced in the near future following a review of how Airdrie and Heathrow’s c

hanged hours are working and based on customers operational requirements”. – Scillitoe


2018 marks the 50th anniversary of SHB Hire Ltd and this year the company hopes to continue its trend of year on year growth. The extension of operating hours follows on from additional depot acquisitions in Gloucester and Exeter as well as the purchase of Acklea Ltd the UK’s leading supplier of Traffic Management equipment.


The national vehicle hire and management firm is continually looking to add to its 16 depots across the UK and it is hoped that additional locations will be secured in order to further support its large customer base across all corners of the country.


Do you have any old SHB images?

As part of our 50th celebrations we are looking to share images past and present of our vehicles. Do you have any images that you would like to share with us?

If so please send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you wish for us to credit the image please provide your name and or social media handle!

Thanks in advance!

SHB Recognised by The Times Top Track 250

SHB is delighted to confirm that they have featured as one of ten “Ones to Watch” in the 13th annual Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250. The list has been published in the Sunday Times business section (01/10/17) as well as being available on the Sunday Times digital edition and website.


The Sunday Times Grant Thornton Top Track 250 league table ranks Britain’s private mid-market growth companies with the biggest sales. It is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each October, with an awards event in November.


This is the first time SHB has been recognised as part of this prestigious list and are proud to be listed with other extremely successful business around the UK. Paul Street, SHB’s Managing Director expressed his delight at the recognition:


“SHB has achieved a continual trend of growth over several decades offering a unique and unrivalled service to our customers, many of whom have remained loyal to the business for a number of years. Whilst the market has become as competitive as ever, we continue to move forward and try to offer a solution that enhances the productivity of each and every customer’s unique business all the while maintaining the greatest value possible.


Being recognised as one of ten businesses to watch by The Sunday Times Top Track 250 is testament to our teams across the business as well as our customers who we continue to work closely with. We look forward to the rest of 2017 and the start of 2018 where we aim to continue our trend of growth”.


As the business has continued to grow both organically and through acquisition, so has SHB’s renowned diverse fleet, geographical footprint and subsequent staffing levels. Staff numbers are currently at its highest with the Hampshire based firm employing over 730 people around the UK.


The recent purchase of Acklea – a leading supplier of Traffic Management goods as well as several notably large contract wins have been key benefactors in SHB being recognised amongst the UK’s business elite, and whilst the end of 2017 is expected to show another year of growth, the company is already targeting further improvements and milestones for 2018.

Slough Borough Council finds ideal fleet solution with SHB

Slough Borough Council has awarded a 5-year contract for the supply of standard and specialist vehicles to national vehicle hire and management company SHB Hire Ltd.


The contract, which will see SHB supply in excess of 40 vehicles was awarded to SHB following their successful tender submission. Drawing from their ability to provide a complete solution delivered at a local level. SHB’s nearby West Drayton depot will maintain the fleet which includes highly specialist vehicles which include: Sweepers, Gully Emptiers, lining trailers, graffiti trailers, a number of HGVs and LCVs.


The fleet renewal programme will allow Slough Borough Council to operate newer, cleaner vehicles, supporting their carbon reduction targets as specified in their Climate Change Strategy.


Councillor Fiza Matloob, cabinet member for transport and highways, said: “Slough is leading the way in bringing its environmental services team back in house and as part of this we needed to procure a whole fleet of vehicles which served our aim of improving the environment of Slough for our residents.  I look forward to seeing this new fleet on the streets of the borough when the new service starts in December.”


The vehicles, which will be based at the boroughs Chalvey depot, will be used for a variety of purposes across the Borough including helping the Authority meet its Highway Asset Management Strategy. Having a single supplier who could supply all of the vehicles and continually maintain them from a nearby local depot was crucial in the decision. SHB were able to offer a robust and comprehensive level of maintenance care to the Council with the ability to have maintenance carried out on a mobile basis as well as utilising their nearby fully resourced Heathrow depot.


“Slough Borough Council will be able to benefit from a highly proactive one-stop-shop for all of their vehicles supplied by SHB for the foreseeable future. We were able to promote a strong level of aftercare with the benefit of a local base to support all the vehicles types.”


Explained SHB’s Commercial Director Nicky Simpson.


“Slough went to market for the supply of their fleet requirements with the need for the vehicles to be supplied within 18 weeks. This was a challenging task with some of the specialist vehicle types required, however we were able to provide a suitable lead-in solution to the Council drawing from our rental fleet capabilities and flexibility as a supplier. We aim to have the majority of vehicles delivered by the end of November.”


Moving forward, Slough Borough Council will be able to boast a brand new fleet of vehicles which will all be supplied to suit their specification and operational requirements. As part of the contract with SHB, operators will also be provided with formal operative training and familiarisation training to further enhance their procedures across the Borough.




Jane Scarth House - Charity Concert

Jane Scarth House, one of SHB's charity partners are putting on a fabulous concert at Romsey Abbey, Southampton on Friday 16th June.


The event will raise vital funds for the Charity who provide an outstanding service to the local community dealing with the effects of Cancer. 


Woodfalls band (2017 West of England Championship Section Winning Brass Band) will be performing on the night alongside the highly talented Mountbatten Community Choir. 


Tickets are priced at £15 for adults and £10 for children. Tickets can be purchased from a number of locations in Romsey:


1. Romsey Tourist Information Centre, 13 Church Street, Romsey, SO51 8BT

2. Jane Scarth House Centre - 39, The Hundred, Romsey, SO51 8GE

3. Jane Scarth Charity Shop - 11a Latimer Street, Romsey, SO51 8DF


Or online at www.skiddle.com/e/12959030/ 

SHB and Truckman continue partnership


SHB is delighted to announce the renewal of the continued partnership with hardtop and accessory manufacturer Truckman. The relationship between the two British companies has developed over several years with Truckman providing quality hardtops and accessories for a range of vehicles.


In 2016 alone, the company provided SHB’s ever growing fleet with 270 new hardtops, allowing customers a more varied and high-quality level of business, capable of easily handling tough environments.


Most recently, the West Midlands’ based company delivered a collection of stylish and secure hardtops and bedliners to a fleet of more than 100 Toyota Hilux, Ford Ranger, Isuzu D-Max and VW Amarok vehicles. The hardtops ensure SHB customers of optimum safety as they are the only models in the UK to be compatible with the Hilux Active ladder gantry/rear window guard, whilst also improving the overall functionality.


Truckman’s Chairman Mike Wheeler said: “We are very proud of our longstanding relationship with SHB, which continues to flourish.  In the last 12 months alone we have delivered a huge number of hardtops and accessories for its fleet of pick-up trucks, which add to the security and storage capabilities of the vehicles.


“It is also testament to the investments we have made at Truckman in our manufacturing and stockholding capabilities to ensure we can meet the volume and production quality requirements of a significant customer such as SHB.”


The ability to provide a service of such volume is a necessity as SHB hold ownership of having the largest 4x4 fleet in Europe.


Procurement manager Rick Williams was also quick to praise the extended affiliation, “It is great news to have Truckman on board for the future. We have had nothing but a positive working relationship with them that has benefited both companies as well as our customers.”


Truckman’s Chairman, Mike Wheeler added, “It’s been a pleasure to work in partnership with SHB. Our commercial hardtops are popular with large fleets such as SHB and we believe that is down to the robust and stylish British build and design, and being able to offer a bespoke solution to each customer. ”

Acklea takes on Eurovia truck challenge



Acklea a division of SHB Hire Ltd recently completed the build of a newly designed, highly specialised 18T ‘Special Treatments’ vehicle for Eurovia which has resulted in a further two orders for the same vehicle being placed.


Eurovia approached Acklea to discuss the opportunity of revamping their fleet of ‘Special Treatment’ vehicles, redesigning them to bring them fully up to date with current operational requirements. 


The early stages of the process involved both parties liaising to re-configure the entire design from scratch, essentially designing the entire vehicle based on the original chassis. Acklea’s experience combined with the clear and concise details supplied by Eurovia enabled the design of the vehicle to be a swift process.


The entire vehicle design was uniquely based on what Eurovia required; therefore even the minimalist of details on the body had to be thought through taking into account operator feedback, data based on the original vehicle design and also the operational requirements surrounding the use of the vehicle.


Starting with the front of the vehicle it was decided that a Pod was required to be located for this area of the vehicle, however the new Pod would need to differ from the original Pod design as it was acknowledged that the original was not sizeable enough. The Pod storage space was made level to the height of the cab to improve on the original size, and similarly the sign storage rack was also made to be the same height as the cab for design purposes as well as restricting the overall height of the vehicle.


The middle POD needed to carry several gas bottles, so the design had to incorporate a method for keeping the gas bottles safe and secure during transit as well as ensuring adequate air flow in case of any build-up of fumes. Vents were added to the top and bottom of the Pod, with sliding doors providing easy and safe access particularly for thepurpose of lifting heavy gas bottles. Shelves were also added to the middle Pod to enable the storage of other items as it was decided this would be beneficial for workers using the vehicle. 


Eurovia’s standard stair way was added complete with a full height solid door to the near side of the truck complete with hand creams and eye wash facilities.


The rear of the vehicle was designed for carrying three drums of rubbish; the drums have floor clamps and poles to stop any movement when traveling so the bed of the truck was designed to accommodate these fixings. The area behind the drums is for the storage of cones, which again this is an area designed just for Eurovia, with steps that pull out from under the bed and a gate that opens fully to allow the operatives to climb onto the bed area.


As a highways purpose vehicle, the truck required an LP13 mini light arrow to the rear framework which was further boosted by the latest innovative LED beacons and work lights also being fixed to the truck.


The latest lighting systems combined with the overall specifically designed body places the vehicle at the very forefront of cutting edge highways purpose vehicles which Acklea are highly proud to be a part of.


The finished vehicle was warmly received by Eurovia and has already generated significant positive feedback from the operatives using the truck. This had led to a further two orders for the same design and build trucks from Eurovia.


“Eurovia Specialist Treatment have decided this year to update their fleet of supply vehicles for their national Micro-Surfacing Business so this gave us a chance to make these vehicles more user friendly and also to make them safer to get on and off whilst carrying cones and supplies for site. The vehicles also required an LP13 board fitted to the rear so who better to build these for us than Acklea. We work extensively with Acklea who also supply our business with IPV vehicles and the existing relationship between both parties made the entire process highly efficient. We sat down with Acklea and explained what we needed and how we would be using these vehicles and they designed the perfect vehicle for our division. We are highly impressed with the quality of the first truck which is why we have placed an order for a further two.


“The vehicles have excellent storage for our equipment and our staff have been quick to say that it is a massive step forward for the business.” - Chris Dixon - Transport & Plant Operations Manager Eurovia UK


SHB present cheque to Jane Scarth House

SHB were delighted to hand over a cheque to the Southampton based Cancer support charity - Jane Scarth House.


The sum of £1664 was made payable to the organisation following the annual raffle held by SHB. This year's raffle featured a number of exciting prizes including an iPad mini, £150 red letter voucher, a number of gift cards and plenty of alcohol!


To boost the total figure, company Chairman Mike Street and Managing Director Paul Street generously offered to match the amount raised which doubled the total figure to an impressive £1664.


SHB supports two charities each year and for 2017 we have partnered up with Jane Scarth House and a number of Air Ambulance organisations that are most local to our 15 nationwide depots. Both organisations do a fantastic job respectively and we will aim to continue our support throughout the future.


SHB and Fiat agree 176 Van deal

Leading independent vehicle hire and management company SHB has taken delivery of 176 Fiat Professional vans.


The family-owned company placed the order through FCA Fleet and Business just months after ordering 30 Doblo Cargo vans.


The latest batch of vehicles comprises a mix of Fiorino, Doblo, Ducato Dropside and Talento Panel and 9 Seat Combi vans which will be rented to their customers from SHB’s 15 sites across the UK.


The order underlines the strength in the Fiat Professional van range and the vehicles’ driveability and practicality.


Paul Westwood, Fleet Sales Manager at FCA, said: “It’s been a pleasure to deal with SHB. They are market leaders in specialist hire and know their market inside out.


“They have been very exacting with their requirements but the strength and breadth of the Fiat Professional range allowed us to meet them. The Fiat Professional range offers a solution for most applications and has a diverse range of specifications and configurations across all models. Along with resourceful storage space and impressive engine performance, Fiat engines require no AdBlue, which we believe will benefit our customers in terms of lower running costs and better engine performance.”


Paul Street, Managing Director from SHB, said: “We have worked with Fiat for a number of years and have always found them to be easy to deal with. Their high standards of customer service and reliability go hand-in-hand with how SHB operates as a business and we believe the vehicles supplied by Fiat will further complement and enhance our expanding reputable fleet.”


Easter coverage

SHB will be closed for the entire Easter weekend from 6pm on Thursday 13/04/2017 and will re-open on Tuesday 18/04/2017 at 8am.


Throughout this entire period you will still be able to use our 24 hour customer helpline on 0845 872 5419. 

Driving to France this Easter?

The Crit’Air scheme, which was brought into force in January by the French authorities to tackle pollution, requires all vehicles – cars, lorries, motorbikes and buses – to display a windscreen sticker, or vignette, according to how much they pollute.


Stickers, which cost £3.60 (€4.18) each including postage, come in six categories and cover the very cleanest electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles (Crit’Air green sticker) to the dirtiest (Crit’Air 5 grey sticker). These relate to the six European Union emission standards for cars – dating back to 1992 when Euro 1 was introduced. The penalty for failure to display a sticker is an on-the-spot fine of between €68-135 (£58 to £117).


In order to test the efficiency of the system the RAC ordered a vignette from the official Crit’Air website –www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/ – on 6 February and it arrived six weeks later on 16 March, despite the letter being dated 2 March. The website states that stickers should be delivered within 30 days.


To apply for a sticker online drivers must know their vehicle’s European Emissions Standard. Information on working this out can be found on the RAC’s website. For newer vehicles, covered by Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards, the category may be in section D2 of your DVLA V5C registered keeper form. For older vehicles, motorists will need to find out when their vehicle was manufactured and check it with the emissions bands on the above webpage.


The new Crit’Air system is used on high pollution days to prevent the worst polluting vehicles from driving in the affected cities. In the future, however, vehicles may be banned from driving in Crit’Air areas on certain days based on which emissions sticker they have.


In addition, some vehicles have not been assigned a category and are therefore unable to drive in Paris between 8am and 8pm, Monday to Friday. Typically, these are older models, such as cars registered before 1997, motorbikes and scooters from before June 2000, and trucks and buses from before 2001. Based on the pre-1997 criteria, the RAC understands that one in 10 (9%) French vehicles are too old to get a sticker.



SHB backs 'Be Phone Smart' campaign

SHB has fully backed a campaign fronted by the RAC to actively encourage drivers to make a personal commitment to refrain from using their mobile phone device whilst behind the wheel. 


With new, tougher penalties for illegal handheld phone use coming into force from the 1st March, the RAC is encouraging drivers to make a personal commitment to stick within the law and keep the roads safer for everyone with the launch of BePhoneSmart.uk.


BePhoneSmart.uk goes live on the 1st March with the backing of a wide range of organisations and initiatives including SHB as well as the National Police Chiefs’ Council, the Government’s THINK! campaign, IAM RoadSmart, the Road Haulage Association, Road Safety GB, Transport Scotland, RED Driving School and a number of UK police forces. Drivers can quickly and easily make an online pledge including, if they choose, creating a photo of themselves that they can then share on social media.


In pledging to Be Phone Smart, drivers make a promise to:

  • Never use a handheld phone when driving or while stopped in traffic
  • Commit to keeping their focus firmly on the road ahead, for everyone’s safety
  • Tell their friends, their family and other people they know they have made the promise – and ask them to do the same


The pledge website is central to a campaign by the RAC to encourage every driver to Be Phone Smart in order to end the epidemic of handheld phone use that currently afflicts the country. The RAC hopes that organisations will get behind the initiative that aims to put personal responsibility at the heart of changing driver behaviour.


The RAC has been a leading voice on the vital road safety issue of illegal handheld mobile phone use, including highlighting the scale of the problem as part of its latest Report on Motoring – two days after which the Government announced a change in the law. Figures revealed that a startling 26% of drivers admitted to checking texts, emails and social media while driving, rising to 47% while stopped but with the engine still running. A fifth (19%) said they text or post messages while driving, and 14% said they take photo and video. 31% admit to using a handheld phone for phone calls while driving, which goes up to 48% when stopped.


Read more ...

SHB to exhibit at Traffex 2017

SHB and Acklea will be exhibiting some of it's latest and most innovative products at this year's Traffex show. 


The show is held over a three day period from the 4th April until the 6th at the NEC arena in Birmingham. Traffex is the biggest exhibitory show for the traffic management industry, where the road, traffic and transport industry come together to see and debate the future of the UK road network.


SHB will be showcasing one of our Welfare vehicles that has been modified to ensure it is best suited to a range of requirements. Our teams located at stand J80 will be more than happy to show you around the vehicle and assist with any queries. 


Acklea, owned and operated by SHB will also be exhibiting at this years event. The leading supplier of traffic management equipment will have the latest design 18T traffic management truck which has been designed and built by SHB's and Acklea's fabrication teams on show. Located on stand Z35, the Acklea team will be proudly showcasing the latest innovative traffic management truck which features the impressive Scorpion Crash Cushion - the first crash cushion in the UK to be tested at 70mph.  Alongside the 18T truck will be one of Acklea’s impressive 7.2T Iveco Daily traffic management trucks that has been designed to remain lightweight with it’s plastic body yet sizeable to carry out a wide range of tasks.


Come along and say hello!

SHB revamps in-house transport vehicles

SHB has invested significantly in improving its current in-house transport fleet of 53 HGVs by introducing newer, bigger and more efficient vehicles to help keep up with business growth.


The revamp will see 9 of SHB’s existing 7.5T Beavertails gradually replaced over the next 12 months by 13 brand new trucks. The first of the new DAF CF 18T Beavertails have been built in-house by SHB’s fabrication teams and since been in operation as of the start of December with two more trucks being added every four weeks.


SHB have enjoyed continued success in the market over the past few years and with several new significant contract wins, the demand for an improved, larger logistics fleet is ever-present.


SHB’s Transport Manager Andy Gatrell explained the decision to invest in this area of the business:


“Since the start of 2016 we outlined the need for improvements to be made to our existing transport fleet. The current fleet has served the business well helping us to transport a huge range of vehicles to all points of the UK and even Europe, but as the business has grown substantially and continually moved forward it was only logical that our logistics fleet followed suit.”


Each new truck will be built in house by SHB’s trained and experienced fabricators who have designed the vehicles to be suitable for the purpose of delivering SHB’s diverse fleet that includes LCVs, 4x4s, cars, buggies and ATVs.


Gatrell added:


“The new trucks will dramatically improve our efficiency when planning vehicle deliveries and collections as with our current fleet we are restricted with the amount of vehicles we can deliver in one trip. SHB takes its environmental impact seriously and the cleaner, more environmentally friendly vehicles will only improve our performance in this area and allow for fewer trips to and from our customers sites.”


SHB's Exeter Depot Turned Into Mock Fire Scene

Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue team were recently able to take full advantage of SHB's newly purchased vehicle hire workshop being closed for renovation.


The teams carried out a number of realistic rescue operations in the darkness throughout the site’s vast workshop and office space area.


The depot located on the Marsh Barton Industrial estate, Exeter is currently undergoing refurbishment works following its recent acquisition by SHB. The building provided the perfect setting for the Fire & Rescue teams to train under realistic conditions.


Mark Quick, Watch Manager for Devon and Somerset Fire & Rescue team said:


“We are continually looking for locations that provide us with the most challenging and realistic environment. The SHB depot was perfect for us as and we are extremely grateful to them for allowing us to use their premises.


“Having the ability to train in these real conditions is priceless, Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue are indebted to companies such as SHB for allowing us to train in buildings of this type as it provides us with all of the everyday issues that we could easily have to deal with”.


SHB, a national vehicle hire and management business were more than happy to accommodate the Fire & Rescue teams at the site which is currently being readied for full operations to commence at the end of the month.


“SHB were delighted to help both the Fire Service and one of our members of staff who is a retained Fire Fighter. Our new site at Grace Road East, Marsh Barton, Exeter, which is currently being refurbished, presented a challenging training environment which was unfamiliar to the Fire and Rescue teams”. Explained SHB’s Operations Director Rick Taylor.


“I would encourage other businesses to take part as the Fire and Rescue team play an important role in the rescue & safety of individuals both in the workplace and at home”.


SHB Expansion in the South West

SHB has taken further steps to improve and expand its operations in the South West region with the purchase of an additional, much larger depot located at Grace Road East, on the Marsh Barton industrial site in Exeter.


The new site boasts 22 bays each with the capability of working on HGVs and LCVs and SHB’s aspiration is to reinstate the site to a class 7 MOT test centre in the very near future. The increase in size and capability will enable a faster workshop throughput and improve the ability to carry out more tasks in-house. 


This latest depot acquisition takes SHB’s number of operational sites to 16, following on from the addition of its largest site in Gloucester back in early 2016 as well as the acquisition of Acklea , the UK’s leading supplier of traffic management equipment , in November.


SHB’s Operations Director – Rick Taylor believes that the additional Exeter depot will go a significant way to improving the service SHB provides in the South West:


“SHB is continually looking at ways to improve efficiencies as well as the overall level of service provided to our customers and we believe that the expansion of our operations in Exeter is a solid step in the right direction to achieve this.” explained Taylor.


“SHB has worked tirelessly over the past few years to ensure we remain on track with our expansion programme and since the beginning of 2016 we have added another three depots across the company.


“Our business and reputation has been built upon our ability to provide a one-stop-shop service to our customers and with the addition of our latest fully resourced depot we believe we are able to not only continue offering such a service but improve upon it”.


The former Hendy site requires minimal work before it is operational and it is hoped that the site will be ready for action by the end of January.  SHB are delighted to be able to contribute to the local economy in and around Exeter, and this latest move will generate a number of jobs including opportunities for young school leavers through SHB’s apprenticeship scheme. 


SHB shortlisted at Festival Supplier Awards

SHB have been shortlisted for Best Festival Support Service at the 2017 Festival Supplier Awards. The nomination is on the back of our work at the highly successful and world renowned Farnborough International Airshow held in July. 


SHB are the sole supplier to Farnborough Airshow for the supply of buggies, 4x4s and various LCVs. The months leading up to the event had been planned to ensure that for this years event we were fully prepared particularly with in excess of 400 buggies being hired out by some of the biggest companies in the aviation industry.  SHB were allocated a compound area for the duration of the event, allowing us space to store buggies as well as accommodate customers with our own events trailer and also to actively manage the operation through an on-site office. Due to the high number of vehicles provided, SHB began preparations for the event months before the first day of the non-public trade show. Preparations included the planning of the deliveries and collections using our our HGV Buggy Buses and 3.5 tonne Buggy Transporters.  


The winner will be announced in January, fingers crossed!


SHB acquires Acklea Ltd - The UK's leading Traffic Management supplier

Specialist vehicle hire and management company SHB Hire Ltd has acquired the UK’s Leading Traffic Management Equipment Supplier, Acklea Ltd. 


This acquisition is in line with SHB’s strategic growth targets and vision to be the UK’s leading partner of choice for equipment to the Highways Maintenance and Infrastructure market.  The Wiltshire based company will continue to operate from its base in Calne and deliver customer excellence to the Traffic Management market as a division of SHB.


Both companies are focused on delivering solutions with a strong emphasis on operator and equipment safety. Bringing together the two companies takes advantage of both team’s skills, specialist knowledge and extensive vehicle portfolios. This means we can offer the customer a leading one-stop-shop Highway solution.


Commenting on the acquisition Managing Director, Paul Street, of SHB said, “We are delighted to have had this opportunity to bring together two very strong companies, allowing us to leverage years of experience and skills from the teams. 


Acklea have a fantastic product in the Traffic Management vehicles they produce, which are designed and built in Calne, and by adding this to our already strong rental offering for the Highways sector we have cemented our place as the leading UK provider.”


Acklea Director, David Phizacklea, said, “Acklea has been at the forefront of the UK Traffic Management Vehicle Industry with our vehicle designs and equipment and we are delighted to be able to grow our business with the support of a national company who is in a position to invest and grow the business and offer broad opportunities for our employees.  SHB was a perfect fit for our company values and vision for the future.”


Dave Phizacklea and Martin Potter will be remaining in the business, so for both the SHB and Acklea customers this is very much business as usual but with the combined capabilities it’s a chance for current and future customers to really benefit from the overall growth in SHB’s infrastructure and support network.


SHB Tackles NFL London Events

The NFL has become more of a prominent global sport that recently expanded upon its commercial dominance in the USA to incorporate the UK. For 2016 NFL UK has put on three high profile games throughout October at Wembley and Twickenham. 


SHB have been fortunate enough to play its part in the three events supplying a number of buggies to help with the set up and even transport injured players from the pitch!


The final event takes place this weekend at Wembley Stadium so keep your eyes peeled and see if you can spot one of our buggies.


New Eurocargos tip up at SHB

National vehicle hire and fleet management firm SHB Hire has continued the expansion of its fleet with Iveco, ordering its first six New Eurocargo tippers. The International Truck of the Year 2016-winning tippers follow the delivery of 280 Daily light commercials into service already this year.


Supplied by Hendy Van & Truck, the tippers are expected to remain in service at SHB for the next five years and were selected based on the proven performance of existing Iveco vans and trucks across the fleet. SHB Hire is one of Iveco’s largest national customers, taking delivery of more than 700 Daily and Eurocargo vehicles during 2015.


Derek Lowis, National Truck Fleet Manager at SHB Hire, says: “We operate hundreds of Eurocargos and they perform really well for us; we’re confident this new model will be no different.


“Compared against the previous generation Eurocargo these new trucks are quieter, more fuel-efficient, more comfortable and even more manoeuvrable, which is perfect given they will spend a lot of time working in urban areas. The specification of the 75E16K tipper is also spot-on for our needs.”


SHB Hire values consistency across its fleet, and its workshop staff have built up a comprehensive technical knowledge of the Iveco marque. “We put warranty work through the Iveco network and receive great service. Our team has a strong rapport with the local dealer contacts across the country and the aftersales support we get complements the service we provide to our own customers.”


Key to the performance of the New Eurocargo trucks is Iveco’s HI-SCR technology for meeting Euro VI emissions limits. It is perfect for hire fleets as no action is required by the driver to operate the system and there is no need to make periodic stops for DPF forced regeneration. The system also benefits from improved fuel efficiency and extended maintenance intervals – with oil service intervals of up to 150,000 km, and a DPF change interval of up to 600,000 km. Iveco’s HI-SCR engines are also typically less complex and lighter than rival power plants – resulting in a healthy payload advantage.





SHB's biggest UK site officially opens

SHB are delighted to announce the official opening of its largest depot in the UK. The new site located on the Ashville Trading Estate in Gloucester stands at 5 acres and is part of the vehicle hire and management company’s expansion programme which has seen the business grow both organically and through acquisition.

The site was purchased back in January and is almost double in size to SHB’s previous Gloucester depot.  The SHB teams based in Gloucester have now completed the move into the new, fully operational site.


Over the past few months, the new site has undergone an extensive fit out that has seen separate LCV and HGV spray booths installed along with the maintenance bays and equipment to service LCV and HGVs. The overall infrastructure and surrounding land also underwent renovation work to get it up to operational standard. The large site now boasts in excess of 20 general maintenance bays a LCV and HGV spray booth along with a large shot blasting booth capable of accommodating most HGVs. The vast facility has enabled a wide range of tasks on a much bigger scale to be carried out by the experienced teams on site.


SHB’s Operations Director – Rick Taylor believes that the additional facilities will have a major positive impact on customers not only in the South West region but nationally.


“Our business expansion programme is fully customer orientated, and over the past couple of years we have expanded the facilities at a number of our depots across the UK. The purchase of the Gloucester site is a prime example of our desire as a business to continually grow to meet customer demands and minimise one of the biggest issue that fleet operators face, which is vehicle downtime.

Now that the new site is operational, customers have already been able to benefit from a reduction in downtime on areas such as maintenance, body repairs, and vehicle refurbishment with the capability to almost double the workload from the previous site”.


Through the expansion of its operations in the Gloucester region, SHB have generated a large number of jobs in the local area including opportunities for young school leavers through its apprenticeship scheme. 

Check out our latest vacancies at the Gloucester site as well as across the company.


Silent Auction

SHB are holding a silent auction for a signed Gloucester Rugby shirt which has been signed by the entire first team along with a signed and framed Mark Easter Sale Sharks Rugby shirt. Both shirts are being auctioned separately with all proceeds going to Help for Heroes who are SHB's charity partner for 2016.


The auction will remain live until midnight on the 30th September, all bids will remain confidential and should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


SHB Apprentice Commended at Iveco Awards

Rain Sturgeon, a 3rd year Apprentice at SHB Hire has been commended at this year’s Iveco Apprentice of the Year competition.


SHB is fully committed to developing young talent within the industry and Rain is one of over 50 apprentices at SHB covering a variety of schemes over a three year period including LCV, HGV mechanical roles, fabrication and body shop technicians and also office disciplines such as hire, parts and damage management.


With a number of working partnerships with major vehicle manufacturers such as Iveco, Land Rover, Ford and Toyota in place, SHB are able to provide young people with the skills and environment to gain a career within the automotive industry.


Rain, who is a HGV Technician Apprentice, was nominated by Iveco following his high levels of technical ability, internal exam results, NVQ exam results and also his attitude that he has demonstrated throughout the scheme.  As one of three nominees for his year group, Rain was invited to attend this year’s event held at the Iveco Training School in Winsford.


The three finalists fought off hundreds of other Iveco Apprentices from all over the UK to have the opportunity to put their skills and ability on show.


20 year old Rain who impressed the judges to finish as runner up explained how the experience of simply being nominated and recognised for his hard work has and will be highly beneficial.

“The entire experience from being nominated through to attending the final and being awarded second place has been fantastic.


“I feel I have worked hard over the past few years and learnt a great deal, but to be placed in the top three for the whole of the UK completely tops everything, and I will use the experience to continue to better myself.”


Reaching the final is a highly commendable achievement in itself and something that SHB are highly proud of Rain for achieving.


Andy Viney – Group Service Manager at SHB who manages all of the company’s Apprentice operations expressed his delight at Rain’s achievement.


“Everyone at SHB is immensely proud of Rain and his nomination is fully justified following his hard work over the past few years.


“His positive attitude has mirrored his exam results and finishing runner-up of a national award epitomises everything that we are striving for as a provider of apprenticeships.


“I am sure Rain will continue to better himself and we hope that he can be the role model to spur on our other Apprentices along with the new recruits.”


SHB are dedicated to life-long learning and currently have a number of vacancies for apprenticeship roles up and down the country. Vacancies include HGV and LCV technicians along with body shop technicians. For more information and to apply please visit our vacancy page here


Rain pictured left with his certificate

SHB Supports Scout Pilgrimage to Finland

In July SHB were pleased to play a part in a Scottish Scout group's annual pilgrimage to the Finnish Jamboree. The 7th Beechwood Scouts from Stirling in Scotland required a van to help transport their camping equipment and personal belongings on the long journey to Finland. SHB were delighted to be able to supply a courtesy LWB Van that enabled the group to attend this years event. As part of the sponsorship SHB organised for the vehicle to have a special livery highlighting the partnership in conjunction with BAM Nuttall.

The annual event sees 16,000 Guides and Scouts from all over the world meet up for a summer camp that occurs from the 20th July until the 28th. 



Polaris Rangers provide boost to SHB's diverse fleet

SHB have recently added several 6 seater ATVs to its buggy and ATV fleet. The Polaris Ranger ATVs are able to conquer a wide variety of terrains and have proven to be more than suitable for muddy locations such as festivals. With its ability to switch between 4wd and 2wd (Vehicle manages this automatically depending on certain factors) the Ranger remains economically friendly as well as providing adequate fuel consumption meaning that its running costs are surprisingly low. These latest additions are particularly spacious, comfortably seating up to 6 people along with carrying items with its flatbed rear space.  The impressive ATVs will further complement SHB's ever expanding diverse fleet and will help us to provide vehicles to cover all requirements.


If you wish to hire any of our ATVs including any of our newly acquired Polaris Ranger ATVs then please call us today on 01794 511 458 to discuss your requirements.

SHB Rise to Farnborough Airshow Challenge

July saw SHB once again take on the challenge of being sole supplier to Farnborough Airshow for the supply of buggies, 4x4s and various LCVs. The months leading up to the event had been planned to ensure that for this years event we were fully prepared particularly with in excess of 400 buggies being hired out by some of the biggest companies in the aviation industry.  SHB were allocated a compound area for this years event, allowing us space to store buggies as well as accommodate customers with our own events trailer and also to actively manage the operation through an on-site office. Due to the high number of vehicles provided, SHB began preparations for the event months before the first day of the non-public trade show. Preparations included the planning of the deliveries and collections using our our HGV Buggy Buses and 3.5 tonne Buggy Transporters.  


Some of the world's most famous and powerful individuals were present at this years event including the likes of David Cameron, Tim Peake and Sir Richard Branson. 


SHB Achieve Silver Accreditation with FORS

SHB Hire Ltd reinforces its dedication to road safety through achieving the Fleet Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver accreditation at its Heathrow depot.


The accreditation is aimed at improving road safety through vehicle safety technology, fleet management, and driver license checks - all of which SHB have continued to demonstrate since the award of the FORS Bronze accreditation in September 2015.


To achieve Silver, fleet operators must prove to auditors that they have provisions in place to actively manage and monitor its fleet along with meeting set vehicle safety specifications that include the minimisation of blind spots on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. 


SHB have a longstanding dedication to road safety, not just in London but across the UK. Recently the decision was made to fit Side Scan units to all new vehicles above 3.5 tonnes as standard regardless of where they will be operated. This is a safety requirement for the Safer London Lorry Scheme that came into effect in September 2015.


SHB’s Commercial Director, Nicky Simpson, explained: “We have committed a large amount of time and resources over the past few years to ensure that we not only operate our fleet in a safe manner but also lead the way in supporting our customers.


“The arrival of the FORS Silver accreditation will hopefully go some distance to show our continued dedication to safety on the road.”


SHB aims to have each of its 14 UK based locations operating fully in line with FORS Silver by the end of 2016.


FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme open to all companies operating a fleet consisting of vans, lorries, mini-buses and coaches, and encourages all operators to work to the law and best practices. The FORS accreditation is split into three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold, and offers companies an exclusive range of benefits as well as a competitive edge on the market.



SHB are delighted to announce its partnership with St John Wales.

SHB are delighted to announce its partnership with St John Cymru Wales. The new arrangement sees the vehicle hire and management specialist company supply St John Wales with a vehicle which will be utilised by the first aid Charity for its operations within the North of Wales.

The vehicle will help the charity with its aim of having a First Aider on every street in Wales. The vehicle supplied has a combined livery on it outlining the partnership. 

Download Press Release here


More than two thirds (68%) of businesses in the UK are saving money on their vehicle fuel bills due to adoption of telematics, according to research by RAC Business*.

The study of businesses across all sectors of industry also suggests that 55% saw a reduction in wear and tear and 48% said there was a reduction in downtime for their vehicles, contributing to further savings.

The results of the survey have been released at a time when increasing numbers of businesses are installing telematics in their vehicles, and show more than one in three (38%) are now making use of the devices, many for a variety of reasons beyond simply tracking vehicles.

As well as driving up efficiencies in terms of cost savings, the RAC Business research found that 43% of firms said the use of telematics supported their Duty of Care policies, while more than half (58%) saw a reduction in speeding incidents and fines, and 52% claimed a reduction in accidents involving staff. In addition one in 10, (11%), said insurance premiums had decreased as a result of installing telematics.

  • Telematics use by region/nation

Around the UK 45% of businesses in London said they have telematics, above the national average of 38%, followed by Scotland and the North East of England, which both report telematics levels of 44%. Parts of the UK with the lowest take-up include Northern Ireland, 27%, Wales 30%, and the North West of England 30%.

  • Telematics use by size of business

In terms of size of business, just 11% of firms with 10 or fewer employees said they have telematics fitted, compared to 25% of firms with 50 or fewer staff, and more than half, (55%) of firms with up to 500 employees.

  • Telematics use by sector

Businesses in the manufacturing sector are among the highest users with half (49%) of those surveyed saying they have telematics, followed by the transport and distribution sector with 45%, and the automotive and FMCG sectors both at 44%.

The sectors with the lowest take-up include communication services at 31%, then retail at 36% and construction at 38%.

RAC Telematics managing director Nick Walker says the results of the research confirm a significant shift in the use of telematics in business away from a ‘Big Brother’ tracking function, to being much more concerned with vehicle health, driver information and keeping staff safe.

He said: “The results of this research very much endorse what we’re hearing from businesses about how they are using the technology with many seeing fuel savings of between 10% and 15%, as well as many other efficiencies.

“The potential for telematics in terms of looking after a fleet of vehicles is enormous as there is so much information that can be extracted and used by the business owner or fleet manager.

“The idea that businesses are using telematics just to track their staff is really quite outdated now, they are much more interested in information about how the vehicle is performing and getting alerts about parts that need replacing, or vehicles that need servicing.

“Telematics is a key aspect of Duty of Care policies now, helping to promote safer driving so there are fewer speeding fines or accidents, which all contributes to less downtime and therefore a much more efficient business.

“Investment in a fleet and the ongoing running costs are significant for any business, and with the kind of information now available through telematics you can ensure those valuable business assets are being properly maintained wherever they are in the country, that is extremely valuable insight for any business owner.”


UK truckers are responding to calls for greater road safety with investment in new vehicles, customisation and driver training, according to new research by RAC Truck Rescue.

In January the Mayor of London Boris Johnson proposed that lower side windows should be mandatory for all commercial vehicles entering the capital, in a move to improve visibility for lorry drivers and cut dangerous blind spots.

However research carried out by RAC Truck Rescue* among businesses that operate trucks revealed that firms have invested heavily in safety features on their vehicles in a bid to make them safer on the roads.

According to the research a third (33%) of businesses say they have fitted cameras to cover blind spots on trucks so that drivers have better visibility, while 32% have specialist safety bars to the sides of their vehicles to prevent other road users such as cyclists or pedestrians from being accidently pulled underneath.

In addition, almost a third (29%) said they would invest in new vehicles with better visibility and 31% say they have provided safety awareness training for their truck drivers.

With the proposed new modifications from the Mayor of London costing £1,000 - £1,500 per lorry to fit the window panel, there is concern about the financial impact on businesses running trucks and other commercial vehicles.

RAC Truck Rescue spokesman Matt Dallaway said the survey results suggest HGV operators and logistics firms are working to make their vehicles, and drivers, better prepared for the dangers of city driving in the UK.

Dallaway said: “It’s clear to us through the relationships we have with HGV operators and our customers, that they are working to make their vehicles safer by adopting a range of new measures and modifications. They recognise this is not just important for London where Boris Johnson has proposed his idea, but across the whole of the UK.

“For example a third tell us they have invested in cameras to cover blind spots, so does this mean they will face having to pay out more on top of that to comply with the new proposal?

“The suggestion by the Mayor of London doesn’t seem to take this into consideration and what we would like is clarity on whether businesses that have taken significant measures will be exempt, or at least given support of some kind to compensate for the investment already made.”


Anyone who managed to catch last weeks episode of the BBC's Winterwatch will have probably noticed one of our Land Rover Defender's in action as it rolled through a Scottish river. The vehicle in all its SHB glory was captured in the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and during the week that the very last Defender rolled off the production line, it was perhaps rather fitting for the iconic British vehicle to be shown doing what it does best. For anyone who wishes to watch the footage, you can catch it on BBC iplayer, from approx 15 minutes and 30 seconds in.


SHB are delighted to have been awarded Silver prize at the Festival Supplier Awards 2016 for the work that we carried out at Glastonbury last year. We were up against some strong competition and therefore honoured that our work has been recognised. 

SHB Charity Partners 2016

SHB Hire have announced their charity partners for 2016.

SHB are delighted to announce that we will be maintaining our close ties and supporting Help for Heroes throughout 2016. We will also be supporting Jane Scarth House who run a cancer support centre in Hampshire. We are excited to be working alongside two outstanding charities who both provide an amazing service for their respected causes.

Stay tuned for some exciting fundraising activities!

RAC Advice on Potholes

Potholes are an increasing problem on Britain’s roads causing damage to vehicles and presenting a potential safety hazard. That is according to the RAC.

Potholes: The Damage

According to the RAC’s tyre partner, ATS Euromaster, hitting a pothole can cause a number of wheel and tyre problems. Initial impact on a vehicle can cause buckled wheels, cracks, lumps in the tyre, cracked alloys and it can knock out the tracking and wheel balancing. A recent report found that a third of all recorded vehicle damage is as a result of potholes.

In more severe cases, it could lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles and being involved in an accident.

Advice to drivers

The following useful tips may help if you are driving on roads with potholes:

  1. Keep your eyes peeled - Protect yourself and your car by keeping an eye out for potholes and watching your speed, particularly in wet weather when deep potholes may be hidden beneath puddles.
  2. Maintain your distance - Leave plenty of distance between your car and the vehicle in front so you can see potholes in advance.
  3. Stay alert - Be aware of other traffic or pedestrians on the road before changing course to avoid a pothole.
  4. Watch your speed - Striking potholes at higher speeds can cause more damage to your vehicle.
  5. Avoid unnecessary braking – Try not to apply your brakes when driving over a pothole. When you brake you tilt the vehicle forward placing more stress on the front suspension.
  6. Drive over potholes with care - If you have to drive over a pothole, allow the wheel to roll freely into the hole.
  7. Hold the steering wheel correctly - Make sure you are holding the steering wheel properly – ‘10 to 2’ hands position – when driving on a road with potholes – failure to do so may mean you lose control of your vehicle.
  8. Recovering lost parts - If your vehicle sustains damage while travelling, such as a lost hubcap, ensure you stop in a safe location before attempting to recover it.
  9. Safety first - If you wish to inspect any damage to your car, ensure that you stop in a safe place.
  10. Get checked out - If you have hit a pothole and suspect your car has sustained damage, we recommend you get the vehicle checked out by your local garage. Ask them to verify if there could be any other issues such as problems with tracking and wheel alignment, tyres or suspension.
  11. Check tyre pressure regularly –checking your tyre pressure regularly to ensure safety as a line of defence against potholes. Recommended tyre pressures can be found in your vehicle's handbook and on the label located inside the driver’s side door frame or doorpost.

Winter Driving Advice

Preparing your vehicle for winter driving. 

Courtesy of the RAC
Keeping your vehicle well maintained is important all year round, but doubly so in winter. For example, worn tyres won't hold the road in wet conditions as well as those with with a good, deep tread. 



Make sure all exterior lights are working correctly and that windscreen wiper blades are in good condition. Check the oil, coolant and washer fluid levels. And, don't leave home on that long trip over lonely country roads without enough fuel for the journey.

The following checks will help ensure your vehicle is ready for winter:

Note: Before carrying out these checks, make sure your vehicle is cold and parked on a flat, level surface.


  1. Car Battery - the RAC attends more call-outs for batteries than any other problem. During February 2012 they went to more than 50,000 battery-related call-outs. Remember, if your car has not been used for a period of time, the battery may need charging before you come to use it. 

  2. Coolant - ensure that coolant is between the minimum and maximum markers. It is also important that there is sufficient anti-freeze in the coolant. If you're uncertain, have a look at your handbook or get a local garage to check the strength. Anti-freeze is cheap but damage from a frozen engine can be very expensive to put right.

  3. Tyres - check tyre condition to see if there is adequate tread. Look for damage such as splits or bulges and check the pressure. If you live in an area particularly at risk of snow consider purchasing winter tyres or snow socks which give you greater traction and control.
  4. Screenwash - make sure you have enough screenwash and that the concentration is suitable for cold conditions. Not all screenwash is the same so look for the temperature it protects down to. You should be looking for protection down to down to -10 degrees C and if you live in areas subject to the greatest extremes of weather, down to -20 degrees C. If you don't use a good quality screenwash there is a danger your washer pump could freeze which might lead to the fuse blowing and your wipers not working because they are often on the same fuse.
  5. Wiper Blades - check wiper blades for damage and replace if necessary. When wiper blades become frozen to glass it is very easy to damage them when freeing them up.


Thetford Body Shop

SHB have opened a brand new Body shop, located at its Thetford depot in Norfolk.

The official opening was carried out by Thetford’s Assistant Depot Manager, Martin Skipp, who handed the keys over to Thetford’s newly appointed Body Shop Manager, Scott Bewers.

This latest expansion will enable us to provide customers with a greater efficient service that is suited to meeting the demands of all customers.

Award Shortlisting

SHB have been short-listed for Best Festival Support Service (Plant) following our work at Glastonbury Festival in 2015. We are delighted to have been nominated for such an award and will be keeping our fingers crossed on the 28th January when the winners are announced. Anyone wishing to follow the awards can do so by following the hashtag #FSAwards16 on Twitter.

Employees are growing a tash to raise some cash this November


Our workshop team at our Head Office in Romsey will be taking part in Movember by growing their facial hair to raise money for men's health issues.


Last year the team managed to raise over £500 through sponsorship and hope to raise more this time round. 


Every November thousands of men across the country make the tough decision to put aside their razors for one whole calendar month in a bid to raise awareness of a variety of men's health issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.


The Movember Foundation is a global charity founded in 2003 to help raise funds and awareness for men's health. 


If you would like to sponsor our team please send a direct message through our Facebook or Twitter pages, alternatively you can contact your SHB representative.


SHB on set of Spectre

As the latest instalment in the Bond franchise hits the big screen this coming Monday our vehicles have been utilised secretly behind the scenes during production.



The crew were supplied with five new Toyota Hilux's last year and have been helping them onset during filming ever since. The all black Hilux’s were transported out of our Head Office in Romsey by our Transport Manager and another SHB driver via our in-house logistics. Filming took place in the Austrian Alps where our vehicles were used for general production purposes, unfortunately they won’t be featured in the film though.


This is not the first time our vehicles have been utilised by a major production company, we also helped out onset during the production stages of Skyfall which was released back in 2012 and went on to become a worldwide box office success.





Spotted: It Takes Two presenter reporting on one of GolfBuggyHire's buggies

It certainly does take two as TV presenter, Richard Arnold, was seen being chauffeured around on set backstage during the Strictly Come Dancing: It Takes Two show on Friday, 2 October.


As part of the Strictly spin off show's, Friday's Fly on the Wall segment, Richard was spotted snooping around backstage at the Strictly studios on one of GolfBuggyHire's six seat people mover buggies.


We have supplied the BBC1 show with two six seat electric buggies which are being used for general backstage duties.


SHB are the first company to win the the Commercial Fleet Award for Van and Truck Rental Company of the Year


After a successful response to last year’s Fleet Van Awards the Commercial Fleet Awards were introduced to recognise the importance of the van and truck industries. SHB were shortlisted for two categories at this year’s awards for Van and Truck Rental Company of the Year and Supplier of the Year becoming the first company in the industry to win the award for Van and Truck Rental Company of the Year.


We were bestowed the prestigious award for our valuable and innovated service to the van and truck industry. The award recognises the best rental company in the fleet van and truck industry that reflects commitment to customer service and products. Last year we successfully won both awards we were shortlisted for including Rental Company of the Year and Supplier of the Year.


The black-tie event is held at the International Centre, Telford every year to celebrate great service and innovation in the vehicle industry, now with the new awards to recognise the van and truck sectors the ceremony has become even bigger and better. 





Spotted: GolfBuggyHire has the X Factor

Did you spot Simon Cowell and the rest of the judges riding around on one of our buggies on the first episode of this year's X Factor?


We are supplying the reality show with several buggies this year to help with all the behind scenes action. GolfBuggyHire is ideal for all events ranging from music festivals to Golf Tournaments, visit our vehicle hire page over on the GolfBuggyHire website for a full range of stock.



Spotted: Capital FM using GolfBuggyHire at V Festival

The British summertime may be coming to an end but festival goers didn't want the wet weather to put a dampener to their weekend as they partied away at V Festival.


Wanting to get in on the fun, GolfBuggyHire were there to help support the behind the scenes crew with everything from chauffering musicians around to general clean up duties. One of our buggies was even spotted by Tim Rose on Twitter being used by one of Capital FM's presenters to interview some of the acts!


It's been reported that around 250, 000 people turned up to celebrate V Festival's 20th anniversary enjoying music from home grown talent Calvin Harris, Olly Murs and Ella Henderson.



SHB help a team of people take part in the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for charity

A High Cab minibus was provided free of charge to help the nine employees from supply chain specialists, Wincanton Plc, take part in the daunting Three Peaks Challenge in June in support of Cancer Research UK. The troop had set themselves a £2, 000 target to achieve which they have since exceeded with the help of family, friends and colleagues who all dug deep to help them reach their goal.




















With additional support from Transline employee, Paul Rowe, in the driving seat along with Wincanton’s Iain Menzies, they kept one step ahead of the walkers supplying them with much needed refreshments along the way.


The nine-strong team completed the gruelling challenge in an impressive 23 hours, 58 minutes travelling an incredible 1, 100 miles between them which is the equivalent of 108, 000 steps.


The entire team were appreciative of everyone’s hard work and dedication for making the challenge such a success.


Wincanton General Manager, Tony McHardy, said: The team would like to thank all of their friends, family, colleagues and in particular corporate sponsorship by SHB Hire & Transline for their generosity and best wishes, the target of £2,000 has now been exceeded and we are overwhelmed with the support that has been extended.”



SHB retain contract with National Windscreens for a further three years

National Windscreens is delighted to announce that it has signed a further three year sole supplier contract with one of the UK’s most diverse rental fleet companies, SHB Hire Ltd, following a competitive tender process.


The two companies have worked together for more than 10 years and as a successful business with ambitious growth plans, SHB wanted to ensure it was receiving the best service available, as well as value for money.

SHB Hire is an award-winning fleet company established nearly 50 years ago. It is continually extending its service offering and is committed to providing outstanding customer service – an ethos that must be shared by all of its appointed suppliers.

Rick Williams, SHB Hire’s Procurement Manager, comments, “During the time National Windscreens has worked with SHB it has proved that customer satisfaction sits at the heart of its operation.

“Both companies have grown significantly over the past 10 years, but National Windscreens has continued to deliver the standard of service we need in able for us to offer our customers a great experience right across the UK.”

National Windscreens was retained for a number of reasons in addition to customer service following the benchmarking process as Regional Sales and Marketing Director Martyn Bennett explains, “Our ‘time to serve’ was one of the main reasons for the contract renewal – we aim to complete all jobs on a same day / next day basis which is vital for fleet operators where any time vehicles spend off the road can have a direct impact on the bottom line.”

National Windscreens extensive fitting centre network was also valued by SHB. The family owned company operates more than 14,500 vehicles from 14 sites across the UK so it needs to be confident that all suppliers are able to provide a truly national service.

“Unlike some other service providers, we are committed to retaining the physical infrastructure which enables us to deliver a fast, efficient service,” Martyn continues. “108 fitting centres located throughout the UK hold stocks of the most popular screens, and relationships with leading suppliers such as Pilkington ensure we can quickly access other models when required.”

Partscheck, National Windscreens’ unique glass identification software, was another reason SHB decided to stay with National Windscreens. Introduced last year, Partscheck which is currently running at 99.5% accuracy, ensures mobile glazing technicians arrive equipped with the correct replacement windscreen should it be required – supporting the company’s commitment to completing all jobs ‘right first time’.

SHB Hire also operate the UK’s largest golf buggy hire business, GolfBuggyHire - another key factor in National Windscreens’ continued contract. Martyn continues, “SHB offers a diverse range of vehicles so the capabilities of our specialist glazing division is key. In addition to golf buggies, SHB hires out plant and agricultural vehicles, and a range of commercial vehicles including gulley sweepers, tippers, cranes and refrigerated vans.

“We have a team of dedicated specialist glazing technicians with a wealth of experience of fitting non-standard glazing so can deal with all automotive glass requirements, no matter what type of vehicle is affected.”

The independently owned company’s contact centre was another important element in the successful tender - National Windscreens operates its own centre in Tamworth, staffed 24/7 by highly experienced, well trained and knowledgeable call handlers.


SHB support Help for Heroes with vehicles

As one of our charities of the year we recently provided Help for Heroes with a number of mini buses to help transport equipment and crew members across the country for their annual Hero Ride. The support vehicles were driven to four key compass points based in Colchester, Edinburgh, Plymouth and even Paris before assembling in Windsor for the grand finale.


The charity’s highly regarded Hero Ride is one of their biggest fundraisers and sees thousands of keen cyclists travel from different areas across the UK where they meet in Windsor for the Hero Ride’s Grand Finale. This year over 1, 100 cyclists crossed the finish line on 21 June at the Royal Windsor Racecourse in a bid to show their support for our wounded, sick and injured servicemen and women with all monies raised going directly to the charity to aid their recovery.


Brian Benfield, Help for Heroes’ Logistics Manager, said: “The vehicles provided from SHB acted as an invaluable support to the overall success and safety of Hero Ride 2015.


“It is essential to be confident with the reliability of your vehicles particularly when they are fundamental to the safety of your event and SHB did not disappoint.”


Help for Heroes is one of SHB’s charities of the year along with Cancer Research.






SHB race to the finish line to raise money for charity

Several members of our Ashford depot were invited to take part in the Kier Karting Fun Day for Teenage Cancer Trust (TCT) earlier this month. Kier have been raising funds for the worthwhile charity for several years and the karting days held in Kent have since raised nearly £60,000.


There were multiple ways in which participants could enter with the entry fee being donated straight to the charity. As a company the Ashford depot took part as a corporate team with each individual having a set time for their turn behind the wheel.


SHB staff got themselves revved up as they each took to the wheel clocking up some pretty impressive lap times.


Ashford’s Workshop Manager, Trevor Brooks, said: “All six of us had a great evening racing around the track, I was a budding Lewis Hamilton and Lewis Mason was a Nico Rosberg, We were both trying to get the fastest lap of our group, as the fastest lap was set at 00.51secs (set by a racing pro).


I recorded a lap of 0.55.840 only for Lewis to come in with a lap of 0.55.400 (Last lap of the race).”


Thankfully there were no fatal crashes just a few bruised egos!



Spotted: Charlize Theron spotted on-set with one of our golf buggies

Actress, Charlize Theron, has been spotted by the Daily Mail being chauffeured around whilst on-set of her new film in one of GolfBuggyHire's EZ-GO buggies. The Oscar winning actress is currently reprising her role of Queen Ravenna for the prequel to the 2012 Blockbuster, Snow White and the Huntsmen (which we also provided buggies for), simply titled, The Huntsmen.


The buggies are being utilised by the film's production crew to transport people and equipment around the set.


You can see the actress being zipped around on-set by the film's Assistant Director by clicking on the following hyperlink, http://goo.gl/YRHP6w



Spotted: GolfBuggyHire at the One Show

On Wednesday 15 July the popular BBC 1 programme, The One Show, aired a special one hour episode at the Great Yorkshire Show in Harrogate and guess who we spotted riding around in our buggies? Only The One Show presenters Alex Jones and Matt Baker!


The TV presenters were seen touring the 250-acre showground handing out flyers to invite members of the public to be part of the audience for the special live show.


The 30 minute topical TV show averages around more than four million viewers each day and has been running for almost 10 years.




Getting ready for Glastonbury

We’re back again at one of the world’s largest festivals supplying everything from buggies and 4x4s to dropsides and tippers.


Our team have been hard at work getting things set up for what is undoubtedly going to be another weekend to remember. With a reported 177, 000 people due to turn up over the coming days our dedicated team are ready for anything. 


Having supplied to one of the world's biggest music festivals, which has seen the likes of Mick Jagger, Beyonce and Dolly Parton take centre stage no less, we have formed a strong working relationship over the years. Each year we supply in excess of 250 vehicles ranging from everything from 4x4s and drop sides to buggies and tippers. This year we have provided over 260 vehicles which have been employed to help get the festival under way behind the scenes. 


Our project management team, led by one of our senior members of staff, Kirsty Harvey, have been on-site prior to the event helping with the set-up. Each year a joint plan is organised between our project management team and Glastonbury's team to ensure everything is set up and in place ready for the horde of music lovers that flock to the area every year without fail.


During the long weekend our team will be on-site to handle any queries and mechanical issues that may arise whilst our buggies will be utilised for transporting people around the 90 acre patch of land, general clean-up duties and much more.


Whilst setting up we also bumped into one of our network service providers, RAC, who will be at hand to offer their assistance.


Here's our very own Kirsty Harvey pictured with RAC's Patrol Manager, Dafydd Roberts.




Going green for National Trust Day

A selection of environmentally friendly vehicles were featured at the National Trust Electric Day for 2015.


Steve Harland of the National Trust Procurement Team was again behind organising the event in partnership with SHB and Lex Autolease to provide an array of eco-friendly vehicles for staff to test drive. Over 10 manufacturers were present on 18 June, 2015 displaying a variety of vehicles and equipment for employees to try out ranging from golf buggies to mowers and strimmers.


The day was set up exclusively for the staff at the National Trust so they could test drive the vehicles whilst learn more about how electric cars and buggies help the environment. Several members of SHB staff were at the event to answer any burning questions throughout the day.



Raising some dough for charity with Bake for Heroes

A few weeks ago we took part in Bake for Heroes in a bid to raise some dough from raising dough (sorry). The team at Ashford really got behind the event banning all snack wagons in the area for a whole week in favour of stocking freshly prepared baked goods on a daily basis. Colleagues, friends and family strapped on their pinnies and whipped out the oven gloves to produce a selection of sweet and savoury cakes, pastries, sausage rolls and cheese and bacon turnovers. They even held a daily cake raffle which proved to be a major highlight for the team as the week went on.


Keen racing pigeon enthusiasts, the team even organised a race consisting of 20 birds during one of their afternoon tea breaks. Bets were taken on who the winner may be with a prize draw of £30 whilst the remaining £70 from the gambling pool was put towards the Help for Heroes pot.


Ashford’s Depot Manager who organised the event, Gary Johnson, said: “The whole ASH team took to the task of raising as much money as possible with enthusiasm and vigour!


An outstanding effort from the whole team and their family members, many thanks.  The week also increased the Body Mass Index of many of the team, next we will have a diet week!”


The following week Romsey held their own bake sale where numerous staff members brought in a selection of baked goods and delicious savoury snacks that were displayed proudly in the reception area. In return for a small donation the cakes were sold to staff and customers alike.


With a Debenhams gift voucher floating about the team at Newcastle decided to auction off the voucher in a bid to raise funds for the charity selling for a generous £36.


In the end everyone’s hardwork really paid off raising an incredible £586.89 for our charity of the year.


SHB will be taking part in numerous Help for Heroes events throughout the year so make sure to keep your ear to the ground for what we have planned next. 


SHB chooses Fleetondemand technology platform to underpin new customer experience

SHB has integrated the Fleetondemand vehicle hire platform into its operating system to strengthen and enhance its core direct customer online proposition. The Fleetondemand solution has provided a completely new customer experience for hire bookings and for the control, interaction and handling of fleet data. In addition to hire bookings, alerts and SMR (Service, Maintenance and Repair) bookings have become an integral part of the front end solution with a seamless two way integration into SHB's back office system. 


Nicky Simpson, Commercial Director at SHB, commented: “We reviewed the market for solutions that could revolutionise the experience for our customers online and through mobile devices. Fleetondemand clearly stood out with their ability to provide a bespoke solution and with their great experience in systems integration. The new streamlined system will give our clients a host of possibilities and interactive features, from booking services through to raising customer services issues online. The easy to use interface consists of icons that guide our customers through various different activities where they can get reports, check service due dates and make bookings. The result is that reservations flow in real-time to customers via the Fleetondemand solution with added functionality for incident management and service booking.”


Sarah Easton, Managing Director of Fleetondemand, added: "We are delighted to be working in partnership with SHB Vehicle Hire – we have delivered a solution that has transformed the SHB customer experience in addition to improving operational efficiency. Going forward all Fleetondemand customers who work with SHB as a supplier will be able to benefit from this connectivity. We are very proud of our ability to customise and flex our technology platforms to suit customer’s requirements – it is this flexibility that has seen our vehicle hire platform develop into new and exciting areas."


SHB launch professional cleaning service to coincide with welfare hire

As part of our continued commitment to offering customers outstanding service, we now run a national cleaning service headed up by a team of professionals. Offering this service makes us one of only a few vehicle hire companies in the country to present customers with a bespoke cleaning service jointly with their welfare package.


To accommodate the new service, we will be further investing in our fleet by expanding our collection of welfare units over the coming weeks and months.


Covering the whole of the UK, the service will be offered to all customers across the country however rural their location. From the depths of the Welsh Valleys to the Scottish Highlands, we guarantee we will reach all customers so everyone can benefit from having their facilities washed by a team of professionals.


Keeping welfare units and facilities clean and hygienic is of the utmost importance to not only ourselves but our customers as well. Skilled cleaners will ensure facilities are thoroughly checked and cleaned inside and out for a very small additional charge. Although the service is provided on weekly runs, emergency cleaning is also available given enough notice. From one day’s cleaning to four weeks’ service, sliding timescales can be arranged tailored to suit the needs of the customer so they receive a reliable, first rate service at all times.


For more information on our special cleaning service please contact us directly on 01794 511 458 and choose option one or speak to your Account Manager.


SHB own the first double decker buggy transportation Lorries in the UK

We are delighted to announce we are the proud owners of the first two storey Buggy Buses in the country.


The four double decker buses will be vital during the summer months in helping us transfer our exclusive range of over 1,000 golf buggies and ATVs to various shows and events. Our talented team of in-house fabricators were able to expertly modify each bus so they could carry almost 20 buggies at any one time. This was accomplished by the fabricators adding an additional layer to each of the original single storey buses.


Carrying up to 20 buggies at once will result in a considerable reduction in transport costs for customers as well as  lessening our carbon footprint through delivery.


Make sure to keep an eye out for one of the buggy buses coming to a town near you.



Newcastle bodyshop undergoes refurbishment

With the aim of improving our services across our nationwide depots through new and improved facilities, we are delighted to announce that Newcastle’s bodyshop is back up and running after being fitted with a new spray booth and paint mixing room.


To help assist our customers and enhance their experience with us we have been further developing and improving our service across the country. Our Newcastle depot is the latest facility to undergo a full refurbishment helping to further support our valued customer base with any bodywork requirements they may need whilst also reducing costs.


As well as the new spray booth by Todd Engineering, our partner, LKQ, has also supplied us with the latest equipment and materials in order to produce perfect paint colour matching.


The newly installed spray booth will provide our customers with excellent value for money with a reliable service that will last for years to come.


Throughout the year we will continue to develop our service through newly improved facilities, so watch this space.


Performing regeneration without needing to call the dealer

Check out this useful video uploaded by DAFTrucksNV showing how drivers can do regeneration themselves avoiding having to send out a mobile technician. 


This procedure isn't just limited to the DAF Euro 6 regeneration, it can also be used for other makes of truck.


A lot of SHB's new LCV models now come with AdBlu helping to avoid some of these DPF issues in the first place so you don't experience any unnecessary downtime.



I need a hero! SHB employee wins industry award 2015

SHB’s Assistant Operations Manager, Rick Barker, is awarded the BVRLA’s Industry Hero Award for 2015.


Rick was nominated for the accolade due to his commitment to the company and carrying out various tasks that are not necessarily in his job remit. Rick was selected from a long list of nominees to receive the prestigious award and won over others for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Nora Leggett, Head of Member Services at BVRLA, said: “It is always difficult to select winners from such a dazzling list, but the judges were impressed with Rick’s track record of commitment coupled with great reserves of energy that allows him to fulfil with aplomb the responsibilities of two jobs with SHB. A true industry hero!”


Rick was presented with the award in front of 900 colleagues from the vehicle industry at the black tie, BVRLA Annual Dinner on 5 March 2015 at the London Hilton, Park Lane. He was joined by other VIP guests as well as fellow award winners, Rob Allen, of Hitachi Capital Commercial Vehicle Solutions and Marlene Stevenson, of Arnold Clark.



Hire Controller is first at SHB to be awarded nationally recognised qualification

Hire Controller, Martin Skipp at Thetford, is the first SHB employee to achieve the BVRLA City and Guilds Rental Operator Skills Certification. Martin was put forward to take the nationally recognised qualification by Depot Manager, Paul Whatmore, and passed with flying colours.


Paul was at hand to help guide Martin through his coursework and revision which helped Martin achieve 100% in all modules.


Each exam is split into five modules, general vehicle rental operations, insurance practice, tariff interpretation, overseas hires and hirer, and light commercial vehicles. Each test is designed to test the candidates knowledge of different areas of vehicle rental operations and best practice.



SHB appoint new Director to lead customer service teams

Former Group Hire Manager, Richard Evans, was welcomed onto our board of Directors back in January and now serves as the company’s Customer Service Director. We hope that this new role will help strengthen our customer service experience as well as the growth of the business.


The position was specifically created to focus on improving the business’s overall customer experience ensuring we continue to deliver customer excellence from initial enquiry right through to after sales support.


Richard has been an integral part of the SHB for 17 years where he started out as a hire controller before becoming a well respected member of the Senior Management Team. As the Customer Service Director, Richard is now responsible for overseeing and managing the Customer Service Teams, including Rental, Account Management, Service Desk, Compliance and Customer Satisfaction.


Managing Dircetor, Paul Street, said: “Richard’s new role will be integral in delivering our commitment to providing customer excellence as we continue our successful busniess growth, I welcome him onto the Board of Directors in this new and challenging role.”


Expanding the current board of Directors will help us, as a company, maximise our customer satisfaction results and effectively deliver a customer experience like no other.


We expand our fleet with new Daily and Eurocargo order from Iveco

We have updated our fleet with the purchase of 150 New Iveco Dailys and 93 Eurocargos just weeks after New Daily was crowned International Van of the Year 2015.


Jim Bullock, from SHB’s Vehicle Purchasing Team, says: “We’ve been able to see first-hand why the New Daily won International Van of the Year 2015 – it’s a thoroughly modern vehicle and we expect it to prove popular with our customers.”


The New Daily is ideal for SHB Hire’s long term and short term rental fleets with Iveco offering a three year unlimited  mileage manufacturer’s warranty to fleet customers. Similarly, the Euro VI Eurocargo line-up is supported by a comprehensive two year / 200,000 mile* manufacturer’s warranty.


Bullock explains why this is important to the business: “We want vehicles which will spend the least amount of time in the workshop as possible, which translates into the minimum disruption for our customers. Both New Daily and the latest Eurocargo range benefit from extended service intervals, an excellent warranty package and proven driveline technology, which in turn helps to keep downtime to a minimum.”


Our customers can now enjoy the benefits of an advanced vehicle stability control system and an impressive turning circle with New Daily, making it ideal for restricted urban environments.  


Bullock continues: “We always want to provide the best possible vehicles for those who hire from us. Early customer feedback has reinforced how impressed customers are with the New Daily package.”


We have also received positive feedback from our customers for the purchase of the Eurocargos. Each new Euro VI Eurocargo features a high efficiency SCR (HI-SCR) system which decreases NOx emissions by more than 95 per cent. This SCR-only system utilises clean air to maximise combustion efficiency and minimise particulate matter without the use of EGR.


Derek Lowis, SHB Hire’s National Truck Fleet Manager, said: “We have worked with Iveco for a long time and the Eurocargo has proven to be a great all-round vehicle, and particularly at home in busy urban areas. The tried and tested approach Iveco have used with their SCR system gives us absolute confidence in the reliability of their Euro VI engines.”



Santa gets off Road thanks to the support of SHB

Since early December we have been supplying the Rotary Club in Burton with a 4x4 110 Hard Top to pull Santa’s sleigh to raise money for local charities.



Every year Burton 204 Round Table collect money with Santa in the surrounding town and villages throughout Burton-Upon-Trent in Staffordshire. Over the past ten years they have managed to raise an incredible £80, 000 for local charities.



This year SHB couldn’t resist getting involved becoming Santa’s little helpers for a few nights a week agreeing to supply a 4x4 vehicle free of charge to get Kris Kringle’s sleigh off road collecting as much money as possible.



Andi Jepson said: “It’s always great to get into the Christmas Spirit with all of the children’s faces lit up when they hear and see the sleigh. We are really grateful on behalf of the children of Burton and Round Table to all of our partner groups helping us collect and also to SHB for the very generous loan of our tow vehicle which made sure the trip from the North Pole down to Burton was possible every Sleigh Run.”



The 4x4 has been utilised on several evenings this month on the run up to Christmas. It was returned to SHB on Monday 22 December and helped Santa raise over £7000 for local charities.



Please visit Burton’s 204 Round Table Facebook page, www.facebook.com/RTBurton204, to find out more about this event.


Spectre, SHB and The Alps

Now that we’ve had the official launch of the new James Bond film, Spectre, we can finally let you know that we’ve supplied the production team with five new Toyota Hilux’s.


We’ve had to keep it under wraps until the official launch, and that’s been a big feat in its self. The all black Hilux’s left our Romsey Head Office with our Transport Manager and another SHB driver using our in-house logistics and headed on the arduous journey to the Austrian Alps, where filming is due to commence shortly.


Unfortunately, the Hilux’s won’t be seen in Director Sam Mendes’ Spectre but are being used behind the scenes to help out with the mammoth production which is required for a 007 film. Daniel Craig will star in his forth Bond film alongside Christoph Waltz who is playing the villain. The film is set for global release November 6 2015, so there’s a long wait to see what happens in the next instalment. 





SHB Hire Ltd joins forces with Royal Airforce in concert

This year marks the 50th display season for the Royal Air Force Aerobic Team, The Red Arrows, and to celebrate the RAF in Concert Tour 2014 has been dedicated to the awe-inspiring performances.


The 15 date tour, which started in October, lasts until 12 December when they will play out at the Lighthouse, Poole, on 12 December. To enable the orchestra to travel with ease between venues we have been able to provide a free of charge 18T Box Truck for all their musical instruments and equipment. Although we play a small part in the RAF in Concert, we are very proud to be able to support such an exhilarating and worthwhile concert.


The RAF in Concert has compiled a programme of music which encapsulates the Red Arrows skilled, beautiful and sometimes dangerous air performances to lift the audience and transfer them to the cockpit.


The Royal Air Force in Concert said: “Since their first public display in 1965, few nationally-significant events have taken place without the Red Arrows playing a part in our collective celebrations and commemorations. They really do epitomise the ‘Best of British!’”


The RAF in Concert have managed to incorporate something for everyone including a tribute to Andrew Lloyd Webber, Big Band numbers such as Mack the Knife and the military marches The Jaguar March and The Royal Air Force March Past. They have even squeezed in The Beatles and Nessun Dorma.


The Royal Air Force in Concert has one request though, that all attendees wear something red to show their support for the ‘fantastic aerobatic team.’


For more information and tickets go to: http://www.airtattoo.com/concert-tour



Future Plans With Black Dyke Band

As well as supplying the world's most famous brass band with logos and branding for their magazines we are also working with them on future opportunities. As one of their partners we currently supply the Black Dyke Band with various vehicles for travelling to and from various events across the UK.


On speaking about our partnership, The Black Dyke Band's Principal Conductor, Nick Childs, said: "It is the relationship with SHB which is the driving force, keeping a harmonious partnership."

Mr Childs recently visited our Manchester depot to show off the band's most recent award. In October the band, who carries out over 50 concerts a year, regained the National Brass Band Championship of Great Britain. The ceremony was held at London's prestigious Royal Albert Hall.


If you think you have seen the trophy before that's because it's the same design as the one used at Crufts.


The Black Dyke band have been around for over 150 years and are the most recorded brass band in the world with over 350 recordings. They have won numerous awards including winning the European Championships 12 times, the British Open 29 times and the National Championships of Great Britain 22 times. In 2006 they formed the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band to inspire and motivate young people from the ages of 11 to 18 years to achieve their full potential as musicians, composers and citizens.


New software to enhance mobile technician's day-to-day jobs

All SHB's engineers will soon be provided with a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) to track jobs from any location. The PDA, or 'Roadside Technician', as it has been named, has already been rolled out to mobile mechanics across the south and will be utilised by all engineers before the end of the year.



The hardware will give mobiles access to a broad range of information and essential applications through one easy-to-use device. Certain features will include previous maintenance history, a full list of jobs, customer's details, stock list parts, access to a Sat Nav and our online IT system, Kerridge, and much, much more.


Not only will the engineers receive a host of newly available features it will also provide a swifter service and improve upon our communication and traceability. The new device will allow photos of damage to be taken onsite and sent directly to the recharge controllers. This means customers will no longer have to wait for invoices to arrive in the post and workshop administrators will have immediate access to paperwork. 


The new technology will be a great asset to the business and we are delighted to be able to provide this enhanced service to our dedicated team of mobile fitters. 


Rolling out the software will improve vehicle downtime giving mobiles complete access to a wide range of information and tools to complete their jobs more efficiently at the press of a button.



Depot-to-Depot challenge raises over 3K for Help for Heroes

We have successfully raised almost £3500 from our nationwide run, cycle or row challenge last month.


Each of our 14 depots were set a specified distance in order to reach the 1500 round mile circuit either by running, cycling or rowing. Whilst some took to the outdoors others used local gym facilities and stationary equipment to tackle their mileage.


Commercial Director, Nicky Simpson, took to the water at Gloucester and Sharpness canal with fellow rowers from the Abingdon Rowing Club, whilst Operations Director, Rick Taylor, and the staff from Gloucester rode alongside on the pathway on bikes. The Exeter depot used a stationary bike from the personal, one-to-one training centre, Fitness Matters and staff at the Romsey head office had the opportunity to use equipment at their local Fleming Park gym.


These are just a few examples of how our depots got involved over the weekend.


Help for Heroes is one of two charities SHB have chosen to support in 2014 alongside Cancer Research. With a number of staff and their families affected by what our wounded soldiers go through supporting this charity was a natural decision.


Well done to everyone who took part in the challenge to raise money for such a wonderful cause.




SHB go green for National Trust Electric Day

An array of SHB's eco-friendly vehicles were featured at the Trust's electric day.


Steve Harland of the National Trust Procurement Team worked in partnership with SHB and the auto leasing company, Lex, to showcase an array of environmentally friendly vehicles on 30 September, 2014. More than 24 manufacturers were in attendance proudly displaying various makes and models for the Trust's employees to take out for a spin.


The day was set up exclusively for the staff at the National Trust so they could test drive the vehicles whilst learn more about how electric cars and buggies help the environment. Several members of SHB staff were at the event to answer any burning questions throughout the day.



To read more about how the day went, please read the blog via the Fit for the Future website, www.ntenvironmentalwork.com.net



SHB exhibit at Emergency Services Show













Between 23-24 September we had a stand at the Emergency Services Show at the NEC in Birmingham. 


We showcased a Ford Transit Welfare Van, a Stretcher Golf Buggy and a Traffic Range Rover 6 Wheel Fire Tender.


The two day event was a great success and we had a lot of interest in our vehicles.


There were approximately 420 exhibitors at this years' event. The Emergency Services Show helps promote interoperability providing visitors the opportunity to learn and network through workshops, seminars and live demonstrations.




Our personal driving service gets you from A-to-B without any fuss

From music festivals to weddings, business trips and VIP events, our professional chauffeur service is perfect for all types of occasions.

In association with RJA Security, our driver hire service, Go-Drive, gives our customers the Royal treatment transporting whether they like via one of our expertly trained, bi-lingual drivers.

All VIP chauffeurs are fully trained and security cleared so can act as your own personal bodyguard. We can also provide you with a bi-lingual driver if preferred.

The Go-Drive package offers customers the opportunity to utilise a professional driver with their buggy hire. We have male and female drivers that can be dressed in uniforms to reflect specific customers’ corporate branding.

As the official supplier to the Farnborough Airshow, 26 have already been booked for the event and a further eight were recently requested for a private event in Northampton.

For more information on our Go-Drive service please contact Golfbuggyhire on 0161 7765 927 or on 0845 8725419 for any out-of-hours support. Alternatively visit www.golfbuggyhire.co.uk or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Help raise money for Help For Heroes

Over the weekend of the 13-14 September SHB will be holding a depot-to-depot challenge in a bid to raise over £5000 for Help For Heroes.
Each depot has been set a specified distance they will need to reach in order to complete the 1500 mile round circuit. All distances have been broken down to correspond with the size of each depot and number of staff. Our dedicated team will either run, cycle, row or swim their specified miles in order to make up our 1500 mile target. Whilst some will be using gym facilities/equipment others have decided to tackle their distances outside.
As so many of our staff know someone in the armed forces we hold this charity very close to our hearts. Help For Heroes are passionate about helping those in the services get back on their feet, from soldiers and partners to even friends that have lost loved ones. Help For Heroes take the time to listen to what our heroes need every single day in order to support them and their families.
If you would like to help sponsor us and raise money for Help For Heroes please click on the link below to be directed to our Bmycharity page.


Updates to our service

At SHB we continuously review our business and service levels to see where improvements can be made. Following customer feedback over the past 12 months we will be changing the way we manage our maintenance events.  From 28 April the team will be split into two areas:
Proactive - planned maintenance
Reactive - unplanned work and breakdowns
Both teams are staffed by skilled industry professionals who have extensive mechanical and compliance knowledge to ensure the correct action is taken first time.
From 28 April the phone number will remain the same, 01794 511458, for both in and out-of-hours queries but you will be directed via an automated service. This ensures your call is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Although the system is automated you will still have the option to speak with reception, if required.
The options will be:
Option 1 - Hire Enquiries
Option 2 - Vehicle faults
Option 3 - Workshop Repairs
Option 4 - Vehicle Sales
Option 5 - Accounts
Option 6 - Recharge Department
A required department can be reached by selecting Option 2 and then one of the following:
Option 1 - Vehicle Breakdowns
Option 2 - Tyre Related query
Option 3 - Glass or Windscreens
Option 4 - To book a service or a defect
The system is designed so you can select the options at any time; you don’t have to go through each menu every time. We are confident this change will improve service levels.
We would like to apologise for any disruption in service levels you may have experienced over the past six months.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further please contact Richard Clark our Head of Customer Support who manages this team on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 07881343646


SHB take over Hendy Hire’s Contract and Flexi Hire Business

Following an in-depth review of their business the Hendy Group has decided that they will be withdrawing from the hire market to focus on their dealerships from the 1 April 2014.
SHB and Hendy have reached agreement to take over the contract and flexi hire activity of Hendy Hire with the effective date of 1 April 2014.  This will see the transfer of circa 600 vehicles mainly LCVs but also cars and some HGVs and the appropriate Hendy Hire customer base to SHB nationwide.
This new acquisition will increase the SHB fleet from 10,500 to over 11,100 vehicles and will be managed via the Head Office at Romsey and their 14 UK branches.
The SHB national branch network is well placed to provide excellent service to the Hendy Hire customers and also able to offer them a wider range of vehicles for hire.


Mike Bunday Macmillan 4x4 Challenge 2014

Mike arrived at Craven Arms, Shropshire, eager to start the challenge. There were 90 4x4s taking part so three routes were coordinated, all ending at the same location, and at 2pm the event was on its way.
The route plan gave basic directions and required participants to answer questions on the way such as, ‘what colour are the Cats?’ This referred to the Caterpillar construction equipment, rather than Cat’s Eyes on the road. Unfortunately the challenge was called off due to the weather conditions.
On Friday Mike was given instructions to Bruntingthorpe Airfield. This is an ex-military air field which is now used as an aeroplane scrap yard. The task was to follow a route around and under various aeroplanes whilst spotting hidden code boards and ended in a rather wet wooded area.
Saturday started off with Mike being given directions to a secret location and having to be there within 45 minutes, he managed to get to the forest within the timescale. Once there he was given a map and grid references which marked turning points to keep him on the route, again spotting code boards, some were obvious others were hidden inside cattle grids.
There was one more location to find this time within three hours and had difficult terrain to boost the fun factor. Mike navigated this with minimal issues while a Land Rover 110 suffered a roll, thankfully there were no injuries.
Mike had one final task of the night to complete and headed 25 miles away and waited for darkness before entering the forest. He had to look for code boards and follow basic directions. This route took Mike to one of Wales’ largest wind farms which he described as majestic but eerie in the moonlight.
On Sunday, the final day, he re-ran the night section in reverse direction, with additional routes added. Mike said, “It was scary when you see the depth of the valleys that in the night you hadn’t known were there.”  He then followed the instructions to the checkpoint at the finish line.
Mike arrived at the checkpoint at 1pm and had covered a total of 700 miles and raised, approximately, £700 for Macmillan Cancer Support.


SHB are proud to support our Mobile Technician, Mike Bunday

SHB are proud to support our Mobile Technician, Mike Bunday. He will be taking part in the Macmillan 4x4 Challenge. The gruelling event takes four days to complete and starts on 6 March in Shropshire.
The challenge is a test of 4x4 on and off road skills, coupled with navigational and observational skills throughout the day and night. The contestants have no idea where they are going and have to answer cryptic clues to get them to their check points in the fastest time. They will then carry out tasks to earn extra points for their team.
Look out for updates on how Mike did in the challenge.
Good-luck Mike!
For information:  http://www.mac4x4.co.uk/
To sponsor: www.justgiving.com/team23nrg


New Directors appointed














"As some of you may be aware, I turned 65 this year and as a result have decided to reduce my work load in order to reduce my hours.
To facilitate this, with effect from 1 January 2014, the following changes to the SHB Management Structure will be implemented :
I will become Chairman with responsibility for funding, banking and acquisitions but will no longer have responsibility for day-to-day issues within the business.
Paul Street will take over from me as Managing Director.
Nicky Simpson will be appointed Commercial Director.
Rick Taylor will be appointed Operations Director.
Paul has 20 years experience working full time with SHB and 6 years part time before that .
Nicky has 20 years experience in the Fleet Industry having held Directorships with Enterprise PLC and Amey Fleet Services before joining SHB in June 2012.
Rick has 35 years experience in the Fleet Industry having held Directorships with WS Atkins PLC and Gulliver’s Truck Hire before joining SHB in February 2013.
This strengthening of the SHB Management Team will help us prepare for the challenges and continuing growth of the business over the coming years.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your custom over the years and to wish you a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year."

Mike Street


New Gloucester Sales Site for SHB

The specialist vehicle hire and fleet management company, SHB, has expanded and opened a new depot at the ex VOSA station in central Gloucester. The new two-acre site at the Ashville Industrial Estate is dedicated to vehicle preparation and sales.

The site will be able to stock in excess of 100 sales vehicles of all makes, models and configurations and will boast a diverse range of vehicles from cars, 4x4 Land Rovers and HGV vehicles up to 32-tonne tipper grabs.

All the vehicles, from SHB’s specialised fleet, have been vigorously tested throughout their lifetime and come with a full, individual service history as well as a minimum 40 point check.

Derek Lowis, National Truck Fleet Manager, said “We’re really excited to be opening our new sales site in Gloucester and extending our geographic footprint to a rental and now a sales site in the area. This new acquisition also means that SHB are able to support the local community by sourcing local supplies and employing from within the area.”

For more information contact:
Ashville Industrial Estate, Gloucester, GL2 5ET
Phone: 01452 526 122 Website: www.SHB.co.uk
Facebook: SHB Used Vehicle Centre



Sale Sharks have agreed a 1 year extension of their Official Supplier deal with SHB Van Hire Ltd.


The deal sees SHB Hire Ltd provide vans to Sale Sharks for the 2013.14 Season, helping team logistics locally and around the country.


SHB is a family owned and operated company with over 45 years’ experience of hiring and managing standard and specialist vehicles and buggies and ATV’s since it’s recent acquisition of golf buggy hire.  They have one of the UK’s largest and most diverse hire fleets with circa 10,000 vehicles and plant across 13 locations.    SHB have Europe’s largest 4x4 hire fleet and are able to provide equipment on short, flexi, long term and contract hire with supporting fleet management.


Paul Street, Director of SHB Hire Ltd said:


“SHB have been an Official Supplier and supporter of Sale Sharks for a number of years which is done through our local depot in Carrington.  Our depot is operated by local people of whom many of them and our customers are rugby supporters so it was a logical fit for us to become involved. 


It’s important to us as a business that we work with the local communities across the UK where we have a presence to ensure we have a positive impact on the environment not only in providing employment but engaging with the community and getting actively involved.”


Andrew Lamb, Sale Sharks’ Head of Commercial Sales, added:


“SHB have been a great supporter of the club over recent years, and we are sure we will build on our relationship this season. SHB have a great network around the country and we are delighted to extend this agreement with the leading UK supplier of hire vans.”





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