Slough Borough Council has awarded a 5-year contract for the supply of standard and specialist vehicles to national vehicle hire and management company SHB Hire Ltd.


The contract, which will see SHB supply in excess of 40 vehicles was awarded to SHB following their successful tender submission. Drawing from their ability to provide a complete solution delivered at a local level. SHB’s nearby West Drayton depot will maintain the fleet which includes highly specialist vehicles which include: Sweepers, Gully Emptiers, lining trailers, graffiti trailers, a number of HGVs and LCVs.


The fleet renewal programme will allow Slough Borough Council to operate newer, cleaner vehicles, supporting their carbon reduction targets as specified in their Climate Change Strategy.


Councillor Fiza Matloob, cabinet member for transport and highways, said: “Slough is leading the way in bringing its environmental services team back in house and as part of this we needed to procure a whole fleet of vehicles which served our aim of improving the environment of Slough for our residents.  I look forward to seeing this new fleet on the streets of the borough when the new service starts in December.”


The vehicles, which will be based at the boroughs Chalvey depot, will be used for a variety of purposes across the Borough including helping the Authority meet its Highway Asset Management Strategy. Having a single supplier who could supply all of the vehicles and continually maintain them from a nearby local depot was crucial in the decision. SHB were able to offer a robust and comprehensive level of maintenance care to the Council with the ability to have maintenance carried out on a mobile basis as well as utilising their nearby fully resourced Heathrow depot.


“Slough Borough Council will be able to benefit from a highly proactive one-stop-shop for all of their vehicles supplied by SHB for the foreseeable future. We were able to promote a strong level of aftercare with the benefit of a local base to support all the vehicles types.”


Explained SHB’s Commercial Director Nicky Simpson.


“Slough went to market for the supply of their fleet requirements with the need for the vehicles to be supplied within 18 weeks. This was a challenging task with some of the specialist vehicle types required, however we were able to provide a suitable lead-in solution to the Council drawing from our rental fleet capabilities and flexibility as a supplier. We aim to have the majority of vehicles delivered by the end of November.”


Moving forward, Slough Borough Council will be able to boast a brand new fleet of vehicles which will all be supplied to suit their specification and operational requirements. As part of the contract with SHB, operators will also be provided with formal operative training and familiarisation training to further enhance their procedures across the Borough.







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